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Archival description
Accession registers
RG 53 volumes 148, 153, and 156 · Series · 1930-1989
Part of Public Archives of Nova Scotia

Forms part of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia Archives and consists of accession books that list records (including published items) acquired for permanent preservation. Includes accession registers of the Halifax Branch of the Public Archives of Canada and library accessions (1942-1979).

A.E. Cornwall
1984-497 · Fonds · [ca. 1890]-[ca. 1925]

Fonds consists of glass plate negatives, salvaged by B.R. Alexander, likely in the late 1970s or early 1980s, from A.E. Cornwall's by then abandoned and severely deteriorated former house in the vicinity of Hantsport. Also includes copy negatives with accompanying copy prints of images created or believed to have been created by A.E. Cornwall. The contents of the fonds document the community of Hantsport, Nova Scotia and environs with particular focus on ship-building and portraiture.

Cornwall, A.E.
A.G. Jones
MG 1 volume 523 · Fonds · 1846-1902

Fonds consists of records created and accumulated by Jones in the course of his political activities, including typescripts of correspondence to and from leading Nova Scotian politicians, printed copies of resolutions and petitions, and newspaper clippings relating to the anti-Confederation movement in Nova Scotia and elections, 1864-1882; letter book kept while Jones was minister of militia and defence, 1878; thirty-six letters written to Jones from Hon. Alexander MacKenzie, prime minister, mostly of a private political nature, 1869-1885; speeches, including one made as Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, 1902; and military commissions. Also contains a file of personal correspondence, newspaper clippings, legal documents, and ephemera, most of which pertains to the Jones family and genealogy, 1846 onwards.

Jones, A.G.
Agnes Dennis
microfilm 10219 · Fonds · 1989

Fonds consists of two scrapbooks compiled by Agnes Dennis, containing newspaper clippings, photographs, correspondence, and invitations relating to her career activities, the Victorian Order of Nurses and Local Council of Women, Halifax. Also contains newspaper clippings concerning her husband, Senator William Dennis and daughter, Dr. Clara Dennis. Scrapbooks predominantly cover the period 1908 to 1947 but include items added years later by family member(s).

Dennis, Agnes
Aileen Meagher
MG 1 volumes 2994-2999, 3360-3361 and 1988-221 · Fonds · [ca. 1900]-1987, predominant [195-]-1987

Fonds consists of correspondence, scrapbooks, and other records documenting Meagher's career as an athlete and artist and her personal activities and interests. Correspondence includes letters from friends, including artist Olga Douglas, Father Joseph Murray Abraham and friends at the St. Alphonsus mission school in India, and a few letters written by Meagher to other artists. Other records include postcards, poems, art exhibit notices and catalogues, newspaper clippings and other published material, diary, and ephemera. Fonds also contains photographs and postcards used in the production of Meagher's artwork, and her working drawings, drawings, and sketchbooks featuring Nova Scotian coastal villages, fishing scenes, ships, town and country landscapes, Halifax, trees, flora, and scenes of Europe, particularly Ireland and Irish crosses. There are also a small number of photographs of Meagher, friends in Halifax and India, and the St. Alphonsus Mission School.

Meagher, Aileen
Ajax Club
microfilm 14653 · Collection · 1940-1942

Collection consists of records relating to Ajax Club, 1940-1942, borrowed for microfilming from Edith Girouard, who assisted in the creation of the club. Includes a scrapbook, an annual report, a booklet about the history of the club, related documentation, and correspondence about the closure of the club.

Ajax Club (Halifax, N.S.)
microfilm 14654 · Fonds · 1944-1945

Collection consists of records relating to the organization, 1944-1945, including reports, address books of servicemen, and notebooks with comments from the Harvie family of Hantsport, Nova Scotia.

Ajax Hospitality Headquarters (Halifax, N.S.)
Akins family
MG 1 volumes 2-6 · Fonds · 1764-1927, predominant 1803-1906

Fonds consists of records documenting primarily the business activities of three generations of the Akins family in Falmouth and Liverpool. Includes insurance journals (1803-1817) and account book (1787-1791) kept by Thomas Akins; business and family correspondence, (1811-1924); deeds, mortgages, bonds, and other legal material (1764-1906); account books, bills of sale, and correspondence of Charles Akins (1885-1906); Akin genealogy book, assessment roll of Falmouth, (1906); correspondence and reports of the Avon River Power Company (1921-1922); and a copy of Windsor Tribune issued 1 July 1927.

Akins (family)
2018-030 · Collection · 1910?-2014 (collected 1997 to 2014)

Collection partially documents the business and personal lives of Albert Lee’s parents Shew Chuck Lee and Sui Fa Lee, and the families of Charlie Wing Lee and Nellie Lee, Dow Fong, and Mary (Ling) Mohammad. Collection contains wedding, school and family photographs (1910?-2011); restaurant menus and similar ephemeral documents (ca.1940s-ca.1950s); audio recordings of interviews with Dow Fong, Chuck Lee, Annett Ling, George Ling, William Ling, Dr. Larry Shyu and Dr. William Wong (1988, 2011-2012); memoir on childhood in China, business licenses and card from Chuck Lee (1980s, ca.1920s, 1946) as well as his engineering diploma from Dalhousie University (1939). Also includes a memoir of life at a Halifax Chinese laundry by Linda Lee Oland (1997); historical essays written by Albert Lee (1999-2014) and promotional items for the Nova Scotia Museum exhibit “Growing Up Chinese in Halifax” (1997).

The collection was assembled by Albert Lee for this 1997 museum exhibit. 40 items, including 4 audio interview recordings, were subsequently digitized for use by University of British Columbia Library for their digital exhibit “Early Chinese History in the Maritimes” in 2011-2012. Items are arranged by family creator/owner, with those items used in the digital exhibit filed separately.

Lee, Albert
2008-043 · Fonds · 1891-1920

Fonds consists of five diaries kept by the Pearls in their capacity as lighthouse keepers for the Department of Marine, Canada - Lighthouse Service. The contents of the fonds record times when the lights were lit, extinguished and the total time in operation for the lighthouse on Green Island (subsequently Pearl Island), Nova Scotia, at the mouth of St. Margarets Bay. The diaries also include observations about the weather and winds.

Pearl, Albert
Alexander H. Leighton
1988-413 · Fonds · [ca. 1880]-1974, predominant 1950-1953

Fonds consists of photographs (negatives, contact prints, selected enlargements, and slides) created and accumulated in the course of the Stirling County Study directed by Leighton. The fonds consists primarily of prints and negatives taken by chief photographer John Collier Jr. which depict Digby County, Nova Scotia, including the communities of Digby, Bear River, Cape St. Marys, Freeport, Westport, Weymouth, and numerous others. Includes images of traditional industries (agriculture, fishing, logging, and family businesses), family, social, and religious events, schools, churches, housing, residents, and general views and landscapes. Other photographs include aerial views of the study site taken by the Royal Canadian Air Force; scenes of Digby County from various sources; the Navajo community at Fruitland, New Mexico, USA, relating to a parallel study at Cornell University; and a small number of photographs accumulated by Leighton during his travels to Europe and Africa. Fonds also includes 16mm film reels containing mostly raw footage and work prints relating to the study in Digby and parallel studies in Nigeria and New York, as well as two documentary films shot by Leighton; one film entitled "Porpoise Oil" was produced in collaboration with the Mi'kmaq of the Bear River Reserve in 1936 and features a re-enactment of traditional hunting methods.

Leighton, Alexander H.
2011-059 · Fonds · 1806-1855

Fonds consists of correspondence between Alexander "Sandy" McDougall Sr., Alexander McDougall Jr. and various members of the McDougall family, including Isabella Catherine (McDougall) Duffus and Elizabeth Ann (Van Buskirk) McDougall. Also includes correspondence from Joseph Howe to Alexander McDougall Jr., along with several pages of notes written by Howe about McDougall's life and poetry for a posthumous publication of his poetry. The fonds also includes several volumes of poetry collected and written by McDougall, a newspaper clipping from the Mechanic & Farmer relating to a poetry lecture given by McDougall at the Antigonish Mechanic's Institute, and a copy of "Funeral Oration on the death of Hon. Daniel Webster" inscribed to Joseph Howe from Amasa McCoy. Also included in the fonds is the marriage certificate of McDougall to Elizabeth Van Buskirk.

McDougall, Alexander 'Sandy' Sr., [ca. 1765]-1834
Alfred C. Fuller
MG 1 volumes 1233-1251 · Fonds · [1890?]-1974, predominant 1923-[196-]

Fonds consists of scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, product manuals, publications, inventories, and ledgers documenting the activities of the Fuller Brush Company, particularly in the area of advertising. Also includes newspaper clippings, articles, certificates, biographical notes, addresses, correspondence, and printed ephemera relating to Alfred C. Fuller and his career; draft manuscript and correspondence pertaining to his biography, A Foot in the Door; and notes and charts on Fuller family geneaology and related families. Fonds also contains photographs of the Fuller Brush Company plant and products, Alfred C. Fuller, family members, celebrities, and social and promotional events, some of which were published in Foot in the Door. There are also drawings of Fuller, miscellaneous prints, and sound recordings and films featuring interviews with Fuller, company training and recruitment, and scenes of a trip to Connecticut by the Nova Scotia Apple Blossom Festival queen in 1960.

Fuller, Alfred C., 1885-1973
Alice Jones
MG 1 volumes 524-525 · Fonds · 1902-1904

Fonds consists of handwritten and typewritten manuscripts of Jones' works including, "A Well Dressed Woman," "From the North-West" and "Jamaica." Also includes her handwritten diary (1902-1904), compiled while she resided at Government House, Halifax, and two scrapbooks containing greeting cards and other ephemera, with some items in the second scrapbook addressed to Eva Clark.

Jones, Alice, 1853-1933
Allan C. Dunlop
2015-033 · Fonds · 1958-2013

Fonds consists of personal and business correspondence (including some outgoing letters), pamphlets & flyers from historical societies, sporting events, and elections; research documents and notes on a wide range of topics generated in response to reference queries, Nova Scotia Archives projects, his personal interest in the history of Pictou County and Rev. George Patterson, or for clients on contract; research notes and papers on the record-keeping practices of Nova Scotia Vital Statistics department; speeches, research notes and academic papers Dunlop presented at conferences, historical society meetings and to the general public (some of which became published articles); manuscript articles, research notes and correspondence with editors of the Dictionary of Canadian Biography; annual general meeting minutes, event notices & newsletters of Convoy Estates Condominium where he lived; NS Sport Hall of Fame correspondence, board meeting minutes & reports, newsletters and event brochures; academic papers from up-and-coming historians sent to Dunlop for his comments and assistance; correspondence, newsletters, event notices, and some meeting minutes of heritage and archives professional associations he participated in; his daily appointment books; Dunlop’s essays, papers and research for his M.A. thesis on NS politics from his time at Dalhousie University and their Class of 1967 reunion; and conference programs Dunlop attended. The fonds also includes report cards from New Glasgow High School; some documentary art pieces from L.B. Jenson and Alastair B. Johnson; and photographs of Dunlop, his brother Grant Dunlop playing high school hockey, a New Glasgow bridge in 1988 and of Gottingen Street, Halifax, in the 1970s.

Dunlop, Allan C.
Allan E. Marble
2015-035 · Fonds · 1973-2006

Fonds consists of Allan Marble’s research notes and photocopies of historical records (collected 1985-2001) together with his manuscripts (1999-2006) for his 5 books on the history of medicine and physicians in Nova Scotia as well as correspondence to and from the book publisher (2001-2002) and information sources (1994-2002). Dr. Marble searched all 18th and 19th century archival sources available and noted all death records and records about medical doctors. He arranged his research notes by time period and type of primary source consulted, then by county. Early draft manuscripts of some chapters and correspondence with information sources are found within his research files.

Also includes correspondence, reports and genealogy notes on the Frohnmayer family, to help locate a compatible bone marrow donor for their daughters’ rare blood disease (1987-1989).

Also includes handwritten copies of the Death Register from the Lutheran Zion Church of Lunenburg, NS for 1773 to 1850, translated into English from German by Ruth Wolf in 1993 and 1998.

The fonds documents Allan Marble’s research method and published conclusions on medical practices in NS in the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as the process of publishing during the technological transition from paper-based to computer-based publishing in the first decade of the 21st century. Arrangement by creator.

Marble, Allan E.
Allen Fraser
SMI 1992-050 · Fonds · [192-]-1953

Fonds consists of amateur films, predominantly by Allen Fraser. The films were found by Fraser's daughter among her late father's effects. Allen Fraser's will was signed 16 Sept 1938 and he had not designated an heir to his photographic equipment (which was mentioned specifically) when he died in 1941. Three films document Allen Fraser's trip[s] to Bermuda, circa early 1920s. They depict both tourist and Bermudian lifestyles - sometimes in interesting contrast. One of the Bermuda rolls includes the film "Lily Fields of Bermuda," which may have been done by Fraser as well. Four films document various activities and scenes in Nova Scotia during the late 1920s and 1930s. These four include a Guide's Meet at Lake William, Lunenburg County; Dartmouth Natal Day 1932; folk dance demonstration on Studley field, Dalhousie University; golfing; football; Halifax landmarks; and a large exhibition. One of these four rolls contains a short film entitled "A Screen Scrapbook" which depicts a dance tableau. Three films are of Halifax (and Nova Scotia in general) during and after the Second World War. As Allen died in 1941, all footage taken after this period may be attributed to his brother Russell. This would include a hunting trip to Cape Breton in the autumn of 1947 and footage of Lunenburg's 200th Anniversary parade in 1953. The fonds also includes a short film by W.G.C. (Billy) Strickland entitled "The Sherry Party."

Fraser, Allen, 1876-1941
Almon family
MG 1 volumes 10-17A · Fonds · 1793-1989

Fonds consists of records documenting five generations of the Almon family and related families. Includes microfilm reels containing correspondence, financial accounts, legal and probate records, and letterbooks of WJ Almon and Son. Fonds also includes original and typescript copies of correspondence, short-hand diaries of Susanna Almon, literary manuscripts, legal records, newspaper clippings, articles, certificates, ephemera, Dr. Bruce Almon's register of infectious diseases and medical case histories, meterological readings taken by Cotton Mather Almon, and a scrapbook originally compiled by Senator W.J. Almon and later continued by his granddaughter Susanna. The scrapbook primarily covers the early 1700s to ca. 1954 and contains photographs, lithographs, newspaper clippings and other original material and reproductions concerning the Almon family and other early New England and Nova Scotian families such as Ritchie, Johnstone, Dodd, Byles, Cotton, and Mather, many of which were related to the Almons. Scrapbook also includes mention of "Rosebank", the Almon estate in Halifax, and local and international events. Fonds also includes records relating to Mary and Catherine Byles, daughters of Rev. Dr. Mather Byles, and original letters written to Philip Dodd, seizing officer in command of provincial schooners, from Joseph Howe, Hugh Bell, and James B. Uniacke. Some duplication in the fonds exists in transcripts found in MG 1 vol 163 and microfilm reels 810-811.

Almon (family)
Amberman family fonds
2011-023 · Fonds · 1758-1900

Fonds consists of transactional documents relating to the Amberman family of Granville, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. The contents of the fonds document Amberman family land transactions; includes information relating to the family home, North Hills.

Amberman family
Ancient Order of Hibernians
1988-201 · Fonds · 1913 - 1926

Materials have been arranged by physical form as follows: constitutions, minutes, annaul reports, financial records, correspondence, membership records, convention programs, and miscellaneous items. Within each category items have been placed in chronological order.

Ancient Order of Hibernians (New Glasgow)
Andrew Downs
2016-024 · Fonds · 1810-1895

Fonds consists of correspondence from Andrew’s father and siblings, and from other naturalists and collectors of birds; financial account books; inventories of stuffed birds; and letters of introduction for Downs when travelling. There is one letter addressed to Annie Downs after Andrew’s death. Also includes naturalization papers, property deeds, fire insurance, and power of attorney documents from Andrew’s father Robert Downs, 1810-1845. The records document the operation of the Zoo and the family and business affairs of Andrew Downs and his father.

Downs, Andrew
Andrew MacKay
MG 100 volume 41 number 17 · Fonds · 1920s

Fonds consists of two pieces of wall paper that were used to write out sections of music that could be used to teach singing. They provide examples of how Andrew MacKay taught his students sacred music.

MacKay, Andrew, 1845-1934
Angus L. Macdonald
MG 2 volumes 1297; 1478-1537 · Fonds · 1890s-1954, predominant 1935-1945

Consists of correspondence and other records created and accumulated by Macdonald in the course of his political and legal career. Correspondence concerns controversies regarding the operation of the military during the Second World War, Ralston-McNaughton conscription issue, the War Cabinet Committee and Caucus meetings, Macdonald's constituency, and some legal cases. There is a small amount of family correspondence including letters written by Macdonald while in France during the First World War. Other records include diaries, newspaper clippings on various topics including provincial and national political figures and issues; Macdonald's speeches, debates, and law lectures; notes kept while at law school; financial statements; pamphlets and other published material; minutes of the War Cabinet Committee; and photographs taken during the period when he was naval minister and premier. Photographs depict Macdonald and other politicians, naval bases and ships, and various ceremonies and events.

Macdonald, Angus L.
RG 34-301 · Fonds · 1829-1879

Consists of two proceedings books in which the clerk of the peace recorded the actions of the court between 1829 and 1841 and also from 1861 to the start of elective local government in 1879.

Annapolis County (N.S.). Court of General Sessions of the Peace
A.R. Cogswell
1992-414 · Fonds · [ca. 1890]-[ca. 1920]

Fonds consists of photographs, almost exclusively glass negatives, taken by Cogswell primarily as a professional photographer and proprietor of A.R. Cogswell and Co., Halifax. Includes advertising products; portraiture; group photographs; military personnel and ceremonies; Halifax buildings, churches, streets, and scenes; various Nova Scotia communities; panoramic views of Halifax Harbour, Purcells Cove and Waverly; traditional Mi'kmaq dwellings and dress; wreck of the S.S. Knight Bachelor; a few portraits of Cogswell and his wife; and an early x-ray photograph.

Cogswell, A.R.