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David E. Lewis

  • Fonds
  • ca1919-1974

Fonds consists of 146 scrapbook albums (ca1919-1974) assembled by David E. Lewis, containing his personal and business correspondence; clippings of articles written by or about him; book reviews; personal, family and work-related photographs; legal documents such as teaching contracts; and memorabilia including plane tickets and pay stubs from stories sold. These are interspersed among clippings of newspaper and magazine articles, printed jokes, comic nude cartoons, and images of entertainers, selected for their relevance to Lewis’ life experiences and/or emotional state at the time.

Arrangement is roughly chronological, with some albums covering 1 month in a year and others cover a range from the 1940s to 1970s.

Fonds also includes a diary of his trip to McClelland and Stewart publishers in Toronto (1972), a sketchbook of portraits (1948?), a cash book of personal and bookstore expenses in Montreal (1956-1961), a file of teaching aids for high school English Literature (1950s?), and his university degrees (1940, 1951).

Fonds also includes a notebook of proverbs and lists of books read and movies seen (with annotations) belonging to David E. Lewis’ mother Isabelle Jean (Laing) Lewis (1939-1947) and a typescript of a thesis about David E. Lewis written by Andrea Robbins (2000).

David E. Lewis

Mary E. Black fonds

  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1790]-1991, predominant 1950-1980

Fonds consists of records documenting Mary E. Black's professional career and private life. Fonds contains manuscripts, articles, correspondence, and bulletins pertaining to her work in occupational therapy, weaving, and handcrafts. Also includes personal correspondence, notebooks, newspaper clippings, and other material relating to her childhood, education, and recreational activities. The fonds also includes slides and photographs depicting events honouring Mary E. Black, weaving techniques and works by other weavers, an audio cassette interview of Mary E. Black conducted by Dawn MacNutt in 1980, and a film reel of her trip to Europe in 1937.

Black, Mary E., 1895-1988

Albert Pearl and Mather Byles Pearl fonds

  • 2008-043
  • Fonds
  • 1891-1920

Fonds consists of five diaries kept by the Pearls in their capacity as lighthouse keepers for the Department of Marine, Canada - Lighthouse Service. The contents of the fonds record times when the lights were lit, extinguished and the total time in operation for the lighthouse on Green Island (subsequently Pearl Island), Nova Scotia, at the mouth of St. Margarets Bay. The diaries also include observations about the weather and winds.

Pearl, Albert

Aileen Meagher fonds

  • MG 1 vols. 2994-2999, 3360-3361 and Accession 1988-221
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1900]-1987, predominant [195-]-1987

Fonds consists of correspondence, scrapbooks, and other records documenting Meagher's career as an athlete and artist and her personal activities and interests. Correspondence includes letters from friends, including artist Olga Douglas, Father Joseph Murray Abraham and friends at the St. Alphonsus mission school in India, and a few letters written by Meagher to other artists. Other records include postcards, poems, art exhibit notices and catalogues, newspaper clippings and other published material, diary, and ephemera. Fonds also contains photographs and postcards used in the production of Meagher's artwork, and her working drawings, drawings, and sketchbooks featuring Nova Scotian coastal villages, fishing scenes, ships, town and country landscapes, Halifax, trees, flora, and scenes of Europe, particularly Ireland and Irish crosses. There are also a small number of photographs of Meagher, friends in Halifax and India, and the St. Alphonsus Mission School.

Meagher, Aileen

Charitable Irish Society fonds

  • MG 20 vols. 61-70, 344-347, 1300, 1360, 1499; MG 100 vol. 26 4, MG 100 vol. 74 27, MG 100 vol.158 11, Library AK F90 .C37; Library v/f Vol 57 9,10; 1997-119, 2002-046, 2003-053, and 2010-034
  • Fonds
  • 1786-2009

Fonds consists of official records of the society, including executive minutes, committee minutes, constitution and bylaws, financial papers, presidential files, correspondence, and proposals for membership. Also includes programs, addresses and menus for Society events; publications and engravings, and a brief history of the Society compiled in digital format in 2009.

Charitable Irish Society (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Ethel Jane Bond and Murray Kellough fonds

  • Accession no. 2010-015
  • Fonds
  • 16 December 1917

Fonds consists of a pass for access for the devastated area issued by the City of Halifax and a sixteen page hand-written letter by Ethel Jean Bond to her uncle, Murray Kellough, of Winnipeg, Manitoba. In her letter she describes the devastation of the Halifax Explosion, the death of her father, and the injuries that her sister Bertha sustained, and discusses the impact on various neighbours in the vicinity of Kaye Street in Halifax, including the Swetnams, Killams, and Theakstons, among others.

Kellough, Murray McLean, 1874-1965

Clara Dennis fonds

  • MG 1 volumes 2865-2869; Graphic: 1981-541, 1983-468.
  • Fonds
  • 1905-1957, predominant 1923-[194-?]

Fonds consists of documenting Clara Dennis' career as a reporter and author. Includes notebooks relating to her research of the Mi'kmaq, mainland Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and other subjects, 1923-1940s; business and personal correspondence, 1905-1942; newspaper clippings pertaining to Halifax and Dalhousie College and medical school, 1924-1947; research notes; addresses; published and unpublished articles; and booklets. Also includes photographs taken on her travels through Nova Scotia, as well as Sable Island, New Brunswick, and the Gaspe Peninsula between 1930 and 1940.

Dennis, Clara, 1881-1958

Louis de Mezangeau fonds

  • Accession 2009-034 ; MG 100 _ Volume 259 _ File 31
  • Fonds
  • 1787-1819

Fonds consists of records documenting de Mezangeau's military career and how he came to live in Nova Scotia, as well as information about his immediate family and some of his relatives living in France. Includes correspondence, copies of narratives and notices relating to de Mezangeau, a petition and an account of his life.

de Mezangeau, Louis, 1766-[after 1819]

Isaac Deschamps fonds

  • MG 1 volume 258
  • Fonds
  • 1750-1814, predominant 1756-1768

Fonds consists of records created and accumulated by Deschamps, primarily documenting his activities at Fort Edward. Fonds includes a bound volume containing correspondence relating to the Acadians; lists of Acadian prisoners and Mi'kmaq families residing near Fort Edward; and other material relating to Deschamp's various appointments, First Nations commerce and trade, Treaty of 1760, and settlements in Kings County. Fonds also contains an original Pisiquid almanac/diary as well as photocopies of his other surviving diaries.

Deschamps, Isaac

Nova Scotia Information Service fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1945-1990

Fonds consists of photographs and film productions created by the Nova Scotia Information Service. Photographs consist of black-and-white negatives from publicity and promotional events depicting Nova Scotia landscapes, communities, government activities, people, industries, and events. Film productions include promotional and documentary productions relating to many aspects of life in the province as well as original footage of various special events. Original master soundtracks available for some productions.

Nova Scotia Information Service

Chipman family fonds

  • MG 1 volumes 181-218; microfilms 9203-9206, 9210-9212, 9215, 9491-9492, 9494-9497, 9509-9514, 9520-9524, 10,154.
  • Fonds
  • 1760-1899

Fonds consists of records documenting the business activities and positions held by the Chipman family in Kings County, N.S., including Ross Chipman, his father, William Henry Chipman, and his great-grandfather, William Allen Chipman. Fonds contains correspondence, deeds, mortgages, and other material relating to Chipman family estates and associated families, 1760-1877; journals, accounts, receipts, and legal records, pertaining to family businesses in Kings County and Halifax, 1847-1899, including Chipman & Co. and W.H. Chipman and Son; assessment rolls, minutes, petitions, and other material relating to the Court of General Sessions and the Inferior Court of Common Pleas, 1761-1865; accounts, labour books, minutes, and other material concerning the construction of dykes, 1760-1834; and records of attendance, lists of supplies and promotions, and company rolls regarding the 68th Kings County Regiment, Reserve Militia of Canada, 1864-1869.

Chipman (family)

Sally Ross Acadian Cemeteries Research Collection

  • 2013-032/001; Graphic 2013-032/002-004.
  • Collection
  • 2003

Collection was created during 8 field trips and consists of black and white photographic negatives and contact sheets of 60 post-Deportation (after 1764) Acadian cemeteries, supplemented with colour prints of the oldest surviving cemetery at St. Pierre Catholic Church in Chéticamp on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, and a typed inventory describing each negative. This is not a comprehensive collection of all Acadian grave markers. Rather, the photographs represent a sampling of grave stones and monuments dating from 1817 (earliest found) to 2002, selected by Dr. Ross for their physical characteristics, French language inscriptions and historical significance. Examples in wood, stone, concrete and metal are depicted, as well as representative family names and at least one World War I or World War II veterans’ grave marker from each parish community. The layout and geographical site of each cemetery is also captured. Dr. Ross organized the photographs by community and within each community, by church cemetery. She also created a written inventory describing each photograph including the French inscription with English translations, a provincial map showing cemetery locations and a final report to the funder outlining her cultural analysis. The photographs were taken by Deborah Trask. This Collection shows the influence of French culture, and in particular the longevity of the French language, in Nova Scotia’s Acadian-founded communities through an examination of cemeteries as cultural artifacts over time.

Ross, Sally

Joseph Settle Halifax Explosion letter

  • 2014-040
  • Item
  • December 21, 1917

Fonds consists of one handwritten letter written by Private. Joseph Settle, while stationed at the Halifax Armouries, to Mr. F. Frankum, Montreal, on December 21, 1917. The letter provides a firsthand account of the Halifax Explosion and its aftermath.

Settle, J.

Prat, Starr family fonds

  • MG 1 volumes 886A, 2625-2632.
  • Fonds
  • 1760-1986, predominant 1831-[196-]

Fonds consists of records relating to the Prat and Starr families of Annapolis County and Kings County, N.S. Fonds contains family and business correspondence, accounts, deeds and other legal and court records, newspaper clippings, genealogical notes, scrapbooks, poems, pamphlets, photographs, sketchbooks, and watercolours. Photographs primarily depict family members, relatives, friends, and residences and also contains scenes of various Nova Scotia towns. Drawings and watercolours, most of which were painted by Annie L. Prat, depict Nova Scotia flora and fungi. Most of the Prat material in the fonds was created by sisters Annie L. Prat, Minnie Prat, and May Prat Starr, while the Starr material represents five generations of family members. Other related families and individuals represented in the fonds include the Morse, Moore, Wilcox, and Boehner families, Bliss Carman, Charles G.D. Roberts, Charles Stayner, and Dorothy Cornell.

Prat (family)

Jean Donald Gow fonds

  • Accession 2002-045/001-016
  • Fonds
  • 1911-2001

Fonds consists of records documenting Gow's life as a navy wife and her extensive research for an unpublished biography of Edward, Duke of Kent. Consists of two series: Alongside the Navy, 1910-1950 research files and Edward, Duke of Kent research files.

Gow, Jean Donald, 1903-

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