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RG 3 · Fonds · 1821 - 2004

Consists of records deriving from and documenting the ministerial functions of the Executive Council.

Nova Scotia. Council
MG 20 volumes 1450-1456 · Fonds · 1949-1997

Consists of acts, by-laws, constitution, minutes, reports, annual reports, correspondence, committee documentation, conference and workshop materials and programs, newspaper clippings, briefs, directives, published materials, promotional materials, photographs, audited and unaudited financial reports, membership lists and registration cards, elements of displays and awards information. The contents document the history and development of the association.

Nova Scotia Dietetic Association
MG 20 volumes 720-733 · Fonds · 1972-1989

Consists of records documenting the council's development and promotion of craft in Nova Scotia. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, administrative files, minutes, financial records, reports, notes, newsletters, pamphlets, programmes, press releases, membership lists, and other items. Graphic materials including some photographs and posters are found among the textual records.

Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council
RG 32 · Fonds · Microfilmed 1980-1984

Fonds consists of: Series - Birth registration books, Series - Marriage registration books, Series - Death registration books, Series - Marriage bonds, Series - Marriage licence files, Series - Returns of marriage licences issued and marriages solemnized, Series - Returns of registered deaths, Series - Statistics office correspondence and other material, Series - Returns of births registered

Nova Scotia. Deputy Registrar-General
Fonds · 1996-2000

Consists of four series. Includes correspondence, briefing notes, discussion papers, reports, policy and business planning documents, committee, conference and management meeting agendas and minutes and other records documenting executive functions of the Department of Transportation and Public Works.

Nova Scotia. Department of Transportation and Public Works (1996-2007)
RG 7 · Fonds · 1783-1973, predominant 1804-1953

Consists of six series: Provincial Secretary Correspondence (1783-1953); Deputy Provincial Secretary Correspondence and other material (ca.1937-1966); Municipal Officers Appointment Registers and other material (1854-1949); Petitions and Memorials (1867-1970); Financial Records and other material (1866-1919); and Registrar of Deeds Returns of Documents Registered and related materials (1787-1892).

Nova Scotia. Department of Provincial Secretary
Fonds · 1876-1987
  • Fonds consists of 74 Series: 14 for Halifax County "District Number One" includes Case Files (1872-1948), Judgment Books (1877-1980), Judge Wallace's chambers notes (1901-1928), Chambers Decision Books (1878-1903), Docket Books (1877-1918), Proceedings Books (1877-1973), Cause Books (1876-1980), Decision books (1877-1927), Chambers docket books (1876-1993), Case file registers (1877-1929), Evidence books (1876-1927), County Court Judge's Criminal Court evidence books (1890-1926), County Court Judge's Criminal Court proceedings books (1889-1972), and County Court Judge's Criminal Court cause books (1921-1980);
  • 2 series for Lunenburg County "District Number Two" includes Case Files (1876-1924), and Judgment Books (1877-1890);
  • 1 series for Queens County "District Number Two" Case Files (1875-1949);
  • 6 series for Shelburne County "District Number Two" include Case Files (1876-1927), Judgment Books (1865-1965), Docket book (1884-1962), Praecipe Book (1876-1957), Warrant Book (1860?-1879), and Bill of Costs Books (1877-1943);
  • 5 series for Annapolis County "District Number Three" includes Case Files (1877-1936), Cause Books (1884-1967), Judgment Books (1876-1951), Proceedings Book (1884-1919), and Inquest Case Files (1939-1970);
  • 5 series for Digby County "District Number Three" includes Case Files (1876-1971), Naturalization records (1887-1964), Inquest records (1911-1969), Docket books (1885-1972), and Judgement books (1876-1976);
  • 1 series for Yarmouth County "District Number Three" of Case files (1877-1949);
  • 8 series for Colchester County "District Number Four" includes Case Files (1877-1972), Judgment books (1876-1917), Docket books (1876-1907), Minute books (1886-1959), Criminal Cases Minute book (1889-1948), and Warrants of Attorney Register (1876-1886), and County Court Judge's Criminal Court case files (1878-1945);
  • 6 series for Hants County "District Number Four" includes Case Files (1897-1949), Judgment books (1897-1987), Minute books (1898-1987), Naturalization and Citizenship case files (1915-1964), Cause books (1897-1939), and Inquest records (1896-1975);
  • 5 series for Kings County "District Number Four" includes Case files (1896-1970), Judgment books (1876-1945), Docket books (1884-1907), Minute book (1900-1918), and Criminal Cases Minute book (1936-1943).
  • 1 series for Cumberland County "District Number Five" of Case Files (1888-1982);
  • 1 series for Pictou County "District Number Five" of Case Files (ca.1858?-ca.1903?);
  • 3 series for Guysborough County "District Number Six" includes Case Files (1972-1988), Docket Book (1923-1977), and Judgment books (1891-1965);
  • 1 series for Inverness County "District Number Six" Case files (1876-1971);
  • 5 series for Cape Breton County "District Number Seven" includes Case Files (1841-1974), Cause books (1889-1949, predominant 1922-1949), Judgement books (1925-1946), Chambers book (1889-1892), and Civil Proceedings books (1877-1943);
  • 9 series for Richmond County "District Number Seven" includes Docket books (1884-1975), Judgment books (1876-1975), Sheriffs' writ books (1893-1973), Writs of Execution record books (1887-1973), Praecipe book (1896-1907), Daily record books (1936-1968), Record of Costs (1937-1957), Naturalization index (1919-1970), and Sheriff's financial records (1968-1975);
  • 3 series for Victoria County "District Number Seven" includes Docket books (1887-1930), Judgment book (1887-1947), and Minutes of Cases (1877-1950).
Nova Scotia. County Courts
RG 20 · Fonds · 1738-1989, predominant 1926-1989

Consists of 18 series: Land Services Division Crown Land index sheets (no date); Land Services Division topographical maps (1969); Land Grant registration books (1730-1958, microfilmed 1957-1982); Land Petition registration books (ca.1840-1975); Minister's Correspondence and other material (1933-1989); Deputy Minister's Correspondence and other material (1933-1983); Chief Forester's Correspondence and other material (1926-1931); Operations Branch Correspondence and other material (1980-1982); Program Planning Branch Correspondence and other material (1958-1988); Land Services Division Crown Land Forestry Series maps (circa 1940s to circa 1960s?); Crown Lands Division Correspondence and Registers of Leases (1899-1946); Extension Forestry Division Correspondence and other material (1947-1952); Administrative Branch Correspondence and other material (1938-1989); Provincial Foresters' Correspondence and other material (1935-1953); Commissioner of Forests and Game's correspondence and other material (1921-1926); Inspector of Lands and Forests Correspondence and other material (1935-1950); Land Tax correspondence and returns (1931-1950); Escheat and Forfeiture records (1770-1839).

Nova Scotia. Department of Lands and Forests
Fonds · 1893-1988

Consists of records documenting the founding and activities of the Nova Scotia Dental Association, particularly meeting minutes, bylaws and assorted newsletters and bulletins. Also included are annual reports, fee schedules, and conference papers.

Nova Scotia Dental Association
RG 19 and 61 · Fonds · 1866-2000

Consists of 5 series: Collective Agreements (1930-1970); Industrial inquiry commissions and conciliation boards reports (1957-1965); Certification of mine workers registers (1882-1962); Mine injuries and fatalities records (1866-1988); and Occupational Health and Safety General Safety Regulation records (1996-2000).

Nova Scotia. Department of Labour
Fonds · 1958

Fonds consists of a signed manuscript of the Final Report with its cover letter (Feb. 11, 1958); and the supplementary report with cover letter (Feb. 27, 1958).

Nova Scotia. Royal Commission Respecting Highway Expenditures in Richmond County
Fonds · 1961

Fonds consists of hearing transcripts with lists of exhibits and name index (July 6 and 13, 1961); documentary evidence, written submissions, briefs and petitions submitted as exhibits M1 to M22, S1 to S13, and X1 to X15 (1961); and the Final Report with cover letter (Sep 22, 1961).

Exhibits M1 to M22 include public notices newspaper clippings; a copy of the application from NS Light & Power Co. Ltd.; a plan showing proposed new dam site on Gold River (blueprint copy) and map of Lunenburg County showing the drainage area; briefs submitted from companies, municipalities, and associations; signed petitions supporting the application; and the original Order-in-Council.

Exhibits S1 to S13 include Department of Fisheries annual report 1959 and brief; written submissions from individuals and fishing associations; and salmon fishing statistics 1949-1960.

Exhibits X1 to X15 contain written submissions from individuals.

Nova Scotia. Royal Commission on Nova Scotia Light and Power Company Ltd Application to Develop Gold River for Hydro Electric Energy
2011-025 · Fonds · 1997-2003

Consists of files maintained by the office of the Minister and Deputy Minister of Finance during the period 1997 to 2002. The files originally were entered into a correspondence management system which assigned numbers to each document as it was placed filed into a numbered file which reflected a subject or correspondent in a fiscal year. The subjects cover all aspects of the department, economic policy and the financial situation of Nova Scotia. Most of the material was digitized and entered into an electronic system which collapsed prior to the original records being transferred to the Nova Scotia Archives. During this time period the development of Casinos, changes in federal transfers to the provinces and the division of offshore revenues were major issues. Additionally some records were from the office of Lynn Cody who from 2004 to 2011 was Associate Deputy Minister of Finance and who previously had been Director of Fiscal and Economic Policy. These records reflected the management of offshore revenue arrangements with the federal government as well as changes in equalization payments from the federal government to Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia. Department of Finance
1992-121 · Fonds · 1981-1983

Consists of materials relating to the public hearings of the Commission, transcripts of oral presentations made to the Commission as well as written briefs submitted to it, background reports prepared for the Commission, and copies of the interim and final reports of the Nova Scotia Royal Commission on Pensions.

Nova Scotia Royal Commission on Pensions
2008-017 · Fonds · 1970-2003, predominant 1999-2002

Consists of correspondence files of the minister and deputy minister and reports on environmental matters prepared by the department or submitted to it. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, arranged by subject, 2000-2002, and correspondence files grouped by correspondent and arranged by date covering the period January to February 2001 and January to March 2002. Some correspondence files by subject also contain briefing notes on that subject. There is also one file of correspondence relating to the Nova Scotia Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, 1999-2000. The reports cover the time period 1970 to 2002 and include a number of reports on air quality in the Sydney and Westville areas as well as other reports on environmental matters in Nova Scotia.