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Fonds · 1750-1969

Fonds consists of: Series - Case files, Series - Judgment books, Series - Jury lists and venires, Series - Jury books, Series - Process books, Series - Writs of mesne process registers, Series - Foreclosure sales of property and goods books, Series - Executions and attachments registers, Series - Judges' notes and other material, Series - Docket books, Series - Index books, Series - Minute books, Series - Proceedings books, Series - Chambers books, Series - Chambers summons book, Series - Lawyers' court costs record books, Series - Fees charged and received registers, Series - Registers, Series - Warrants of attorney register, Series - Equity chambers books, Series - Court of Commissioners Summary Trial writs of execution, Series - Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes case files, Series - Divorce cause books

Nova Scotia. Supreme Court
Fonds · 1944-1991
  • Fonds consists of: Series - Executive case and subject files, Series - Deputy minister's office case and subject files, Series - Industrial Benefits Office case files, Series - Community Economic Development Branch Mainstreet Program photographs, Series - Economic Analysis Branch case and subject files, Series - Departmental case and subject files, Series - Sydney Steel Corporation records, Series - Voluntary Planning Board minutes and other material, Series - Industrial Estates Limited administrative files
  • Series - Michael V. Knight's correspondence and other material, Series - Trade and industry project files, Series - Ministers' correspondence and other material, Series - Minister's copies of Industrial Estates Limited minute books, Series - Waterfront Development Corporation records, Series - Nova Scotia Resources Limited minutes and other material, Series - Job creation correspondence, Series - Technical and administrative services program records, Series - Halifax-Dartmouth Regional Development Plan Review records, Series - Industrial Loan Board minute book, Series - Industrial Benefits Office conference records, Series - Subsidiary agreements with the federal government, Series - Projects Division correspondence and other material, Series - Investment Canada correspondence and other material, Series - Industrial Estates Limited project files and other material
Nova Scotia. Office of Economic Development
1995-298 · Fonds · 1982-1990

Consists of records created to support the granting of final clearance for the sale of security issues in Nova Scotia. Includes drafts of final versions of prospectuses, registration statements filed with the Registrar of Securities under the Securities Act, correspondence of the commission and issuers relating to deficiencies in documents, documentation from security regulators in other jurisdictions, and clearances from the commission. Records dating from 1989 to 1992 tend to be relating to applications for clearances that were withdrawn prior to the clearance being issued. The remainder of the records date from 1982 to 1985. Only records for companies incorporated in Nova Scotia, those having a substantial presence in Nova Scotia, or those for which the primary regulatory filing was done in Nova Scotia, have been retained.

Nova Scotia Securities Commission
RG 44 Volume 195-210 · Fonds · 1982-1985

Consists of briefs or written submissions from individuals, citizens groups, environmental organizations, and government together with summaries of the presentations made, organized by public meeting date (April 2 to October 8, 1982); audio recordings of the public meetings and hearings as well as a CBC Radio “Radio Noon” interview and call-in program (April 2, 1982 to March 18, 1983); transcripts of the 2 formal public hearings held in Halifax (March 4 and 18, 1983); official correspondence of the Commission and personal correspondence of Judge McCleave (1982-1985); newspaper clippings and research files (collected 1982); outlines and early drafts of the Final Report (1985?); photographs of a uranium exploration site near Bear River, NS owned by Shell (July 2, 1982); photographic slides of uranium mining site owned by Kidd Creek Company (June 1982); and a map of Annapolis and Shelburne Counties showing uranium concentrations in 1976 (collected 1983?). Fonds also includes a subject index to the briefs (see RG 44 Volume 195 no. 2), lists of names of presenters by meeting date (see RG 44 Volume 195 no. 6), and public notices.

Research material includes an overview of the Canadian uranium industry, Canadian policies on nuclear energy, the health risks of radiation, the moral/ethical concerns, nuclear waste management (tailings), and regulation trends in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Nova Scotia. Commission of Inquiry on Uranium
Fonds · 1751-1855

Fonds consists of 4 Series: Official Minutes of Proceedings and other material (1751-1855); Case files (1751-1855); Solicitors' writ register and admission records (1769-1853); and Cape Breton Court of Chancery records (1818-1820).

Nova Scotia. Court of Chancery
Accession no. 2011-063. · Fonds · 1869-1884

Collection consists of two ships' log books. The contents of the collection document the voyages of a number of vessels mastered by Capt. Mills and Capt. Robert W. Anderson, including a few voyages to and from Halifax, Nova Scotia, providing details about location (longitude and latitude), winds, course and related remarks.

CO · Collection · 1703-1886

Consists of portions of the Colonial Office records containing information about Nova Scotia through the British colonial period. The collection includes the original correspondence or dispatches (in-letters) of the various colonial governors of Nova Scotia or other senior officials responsible for administering the colonial government, as well as entry books (out-letters) consisting of copies of Colonial Office replies. These are supplemented with various indexes, registers, acts passed by the colonial legislature, Blue Books of Statistics, sessional papers and miscellanea.

Fonds · 1840-1879

Collection consists of records relating to quarantine of smallpox cases, financial returns and by-laws of local boards of health, reports of the Committee on Transient Paupers and Committee on the Bridewell, correspondence to and from the provincial secretary, warrants to the provincial treasurer, and returns of overseers of the poor to the provincial secretary. Collection also includes accounts for care of the sick and transient poor, returns of the Commissioners of the Poor to the clerk of the legislature, correspondence to and from local boards of health, petitions for relief to the House of Assembly, and accounts of the central board of health. This collection comprises records of local boards of health, the provincial secretary's office, the provincial treasurer, the House of Assembly, and the Commissioners of the Poor. Collection is arranged by subject.

Microfilm 546-551 · Fonds · 1992

Consists of minutes of board meetings. Included with the minutes are appendices which provide relevant correspondence, reports, and other documents referred to in the minutes and which reflect its relationship with pulpwood producers and pulpwood buyers, including regulations, rules of procedure, directives and orders, registration of organizations as bargaining agents, litigation documents, records of public hearings, and other internal administrative matters.

Nova Scotia Primary Forest Products Marketing Board
RG 15 volumes 1-31 · Fonds · 1942-1998

Consists of Fisheries Minister's correspondence files with the Premier, other provincial and federal ministers, the Fishermen’s Loan Board, department staff and the public as well as planning and budget files (1960-1973); Deputy Minister's correspondence files (1942-1993); the Director of Fisheries Division files when it was part of the Department of Trade and Industry (1943-1964); “Deputy Minister’s Library” containing minutes of the Federal-Provincial Atlantic Fisheries Committee and its Sections (1959-1975); Director of Industrial Development Division files managing projects to improve vessels, gear and harbour facilities as well as negotiating funding agreements with the federal government (1961-1991); Product Development Officers’ files containing scientific research reports and experiments’ results, correspondence, proposals, and photographs (1973-1992); and Funding Programs Case Files from several cost-shared funding programs run by the Department alone or in partnership with the federal government (1972-1998). Fonds also includes meeting minutes, agendas, and loan agreements with the NS Resources Development Board (1980-1986), previously known as the NS Fishermen’s Loan Board.

Some major subjects represented in the records include experimenting with fish waste to make fertilizer (silage) for agricultural use; bringing new products to market such as snails and shark; and improving fish preservation, among other subjects. Some major projects of the Department include building the Fraser Mills hatchery and research centre near Antigonish NS (1987-1990), the Billfish experimental fishery (1995-1996), and the construction of 3 steel-hulled fishing vessels (1977-1979).

Nova Scotia. Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Mirko Usmiani
1997-020 · Collection · 1963-1964

Consists of seventeen political cartoons on provincial, national and international subjects, created by well-known Nova Scotian cartoonist Bob Chambers and collected by Usmiani.

Usmiani, Mirko, 1912-2002
Accession 2009-029 · Fonds · 1870-1954

Collection consists of correspondence, business records, lot descriptions, a map of the property and deeds relating to the Prince's Lodge property on the Bedford Basin. The contents of the collection document some of the work of the Prince's Lodge Association including the purchase of the property and its subsequent transfer to the Crown.

Prince's Lodge Association
W.C. Dunlop collection
Accession no. 1992-398. · Fonds · [ca. 1900]

Collection consists of 48 photographs documenting a fishing expedition in Halifax County, Nova Scotia, circa 1900. The photographs show H.M. Rosenberg, Principal of the Victoria School of Art and Design in Halifax, Martin Rosenberg, Harry Russell, Frank Russell, Robert Finn and unidentified people camping, fishing, cooking and hunting. Interior and exterior views of log cabins, houses and camping sites are included.

Dunlop, W.C., 1897-1986
Notman Studio
1983-310 · Collection · [ca. 1869]-[ca.1920]

Consists of photographs taken by Notman Studio of Halifax, Nova Scotia and consists mainly of individual and group portraits of residents of, and visitors to, Halifax. Also includes naval ships and personnel, and buildings, streets and views of Halifax, as well as other Nova Scotian communities, including Antigonish, Canso, Dartmouth, Grand Pré, Musquodoboit Harbour, Sheet Harbour, Truro and Whitehead. Predominantly proof prints; also includes glass negatives, both wet- and dry-plate. Photographs organized by format, and within each format by original negative/proof print number.

Notman Studio (Halifax, N.S.)
David G. Jamieson
2008-030 · Collection · 1898-2007

Consists of textual records, cartographic records, photographs and sound recordings either collected or created and accumulated by Jamieson. The contents of the collection document the history of mining on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia in both Halifax and Guysborough Counties through correspondence, images, and first person interviews.

Jamieson, David G., 1937-2022
Halifax School for the Blind
RG 14 S · Fonds · 1857-1975

Consists of 14 series: School Superintendent's correspondence (ca.1900-1972); Student records (1871-1972); Halifax Explosion of 1917 Eye Injury records (1917-1918); Student Grants (1935-1967); Student Returns (1882-1924); School funds and campaigns records (1908-1963); Board of Managers minute books and other material (1868-1975); Financial records (1893-1961); Reports (1895-1972); Constitution and by-laws (1965); Specifications (1860); and School photographs (ca.1880 to ca.1950). Fonds also includes Braille books and other material (1900s); Published material (1857-1952). See series descriptions for complete list and details.

Halifax School for the Blind
Nova Scotia Militia
RG 22 · Fonds · 1781-1873

Consists of three series: Operational records, Adjutant General correspondence, and Halifax Military Prison order and account book.

Nova Scotia. Militia
RG 72 · Fonds · 1921-1981, predominant 1947-1980

Consists of 4 series. Includes records documenting the provision of public welfare, especially family and children's services.

Nova Scotia. Department of Community Services
NSIS · Fonds · 1945-1990

Consists of photographs and film productions created by the Nova Scotia Information Service. Includes black-and-white negatives from publicity and promotional events depicting Nova Scotia landscapes, communities, government activities, people, industries, and events. Also includes promotional film and documentary productions relating to many aspects of life in the province as well as original footage of various special events. Original master soundtracks available for some productions.

Nova Scotia Information Service
Kathy Moggridge Kuusisto
MG 1 volume 2856 · Fonds · 1971-1981

Consists of textual records and sound recordings pertaining to Kuusisto's various research projects for the Nova Scotia Museum, federal and provincial governments and other agencies, 1971-1981. The textual records include research notes, correspondence, manuscript drafts and reports arranged by research topic. The topics consist of the history of gold mining and technology in Sherbrooke, an historical inventory of the Eastern Shore Seaside Park System, life patterns of Tancook Families, the history of the Wm. Robertson & Son Hardware building in Halifax, a report on the Mabou Highlands, women and the Nova Scotia economy, midwifery, and day care. The sound recordings are oral history interviews that were part of the above research projects, as well as projects never completed on the socio-economy of Clam Harbour and Ship Harbour.

Kuusisto, Kathy Moggridge
MG 1, Vol. 334, 334A · Fonds · 1788-1859

Fonds consists of Halliburtons judicial papers and personal correspondence, 1788-1859. Most of the documents pertain to Halliburtons career as Supreme Court justice, 1833-1853, consisting of court case documents, legal opinions and decisions on rules of evidence and points of law. Also includes Halliburtons addresses to court colleagues, and his commissions as puisne judge of the Supreme Court and for other positions. The personal correspondence was with colleagues and relatives, largely concerning financial matters and real estate. The documents were arranged in chronological order after donation.

Halliburton, Sir Brenton
RG 27 · Fonds · 1919-1972

Consists of 12 series: Interim and annual reports (1957-1964); Office Services Division correspondence and other material (1958-1971); Maintenance ledgers and other material (1952-1972); Accounting Office Branch correspondence and other material (1947-1969); Construction of Nova Scotia Government buildings photograph albums (1919-1970, predominant 1950-1970); Tenders and Specifications (1963-1968); Minister's Correspondence and other material (1970-1980); Deputy Minister's Correspondence and other material (1951-1989); Finance and Administrative Division budget reports and other material (1981-1989); Design and Construction Services Division correspondence and other material (dates?); Event planning correspondence and other material (dates?); and Systems and Computer Services Division reports and studies (1958-1979).