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African Nova Scotian Affairs
2013-019 · Fonds · 2003-2011

Fonds documents the creation and mandated activities of the Office of African Nova Scotian Affairs in Halifax, NS and one of its regional offices in Sydney through the records of its Minister and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Records include the Minister’s and CEO’s incoming and outgoing correspondence (2003-2010); Minister’s and CEO’s speeches to community groups, conferences, and those of the Minister to the Legislature (2003-2010); annual accountability reports and business plans (2005-2011); and briefing notes to the Minister (Barry Barnett, Percy Paris), to Executive Council and to the Premier (Darryl Dexter) as well as other departments in government such as Justice, Health and Education (2004-2012).

Some subjects covered in the files include Africville memorial museum, Lincolnville community protests regarding the landfill site (dump) for Guysborough County, and addressing anti-black racism.

Fonds also includes African Heritage Month programming development files (2006-2009); the U.N. declaration of 2010 as the International Year for People of African Descent; departmental policy and program advice files (2003-2008); a few research reports (2005-2007); and materials related to the governance renewal and re-visioning of the Black Cultural Centre of Nova Scotia (2004-2009). Also includes a CD of digital photographs of speakers at a health conference organized by ANSA in 2007.

African Nova Scotian Affairs Office
George D. Spicer
1974-009 · Fonds · 1885-1910 ; 1974

Consists of an account book for ships Charles S. Whitney (1885-1891) and Glooscap (1891-1910), which incorporates receipts as well as a drawing of Glooscap below deck, showing the arrangement of captain and crew quarters. Also included in the fonds are microfilm copies of thirty-five diaries kept by Captain Spicer, 1871-1910. The diaries chronicle Spicer's career as a master mariner and his experiences at sea on vessels Globe, J.F. Whitney, E.J. Spicer, Charles S. Whitney, Glooscap, and others; his travels to New York, Boston, Europe, South Pacific, West Indies, South America; and activities at home at Spencers Island. There are also two diaries kept by Spicer's wife, Emily, while on voyages with her husband, 1888 and 1889, and a diary kept by Antoinette Williams, 1879.

Spicer, George D.
Bell family
1975-021 · Fonds · 1860-1992

Fonds consists of records documenting the activities of Bell family members of Nova Scotia. Includes correspondence and genealogies from Winthrop P. Bell; a collection of records relating to Samuel Bell and his descendants and to other related families, including the Allison and Ray families; information about the Bell family estate in Mount Uniacke and Bell Park; newspaper clippings; and ephemera. Also includes works of art, photographs, studio portraits and photos of houses and buildings in Nova Scotia, Ontario, New Brunswick and Northern Ireland.

Bell family of Halifax
Edward A. Bollinger
1975-307 · Fonds · 1934-1959

Consists of negatives taken by Bollinger for his clients while operating The Camera Shop and later Camera Shop of the Maritimes. Subjects include exterior and interior views of businesses in Halifax such as Imperial Oil and Royal Bank and its employees, Victoria General Hospital staff and facilities, societies, churches, hotels, storefronts, Halifax shipyards, naval personnel and events, CHNS radio station events, and wartime housing. Also contains scenes of rural Nova Scotia including the South Shore, Annapolis Valley, and Cape Breton. There are also a small number of personal photographs of Bollinger's family including son Wynn, friends, and social events. The fonds also contains film footage taken by Bollinger while visiting Nova Scotia in the summer of 1934. Images include Halifax Public Gardens and a trip to Isle Haute, Peggy's Cove, "Evangeline" area, re-enactment of Champlain's landing at Port Royal, and the Nova Scotia Guides Meets held at Lake William.

Bollinger, Edward A., 1909-2001
Nan Geizer
1980-329 · Fonds · 1910-2001

Consists of photographs, six of them in postcard format and one under glass with gouache, original documents, and correspondence, as well as research notes, reminiscences, anecdotes, and biographical information about Nan Geizer and her ancestors. The contents document Nan Geizer's interest in family history, and her career and activities as a teacher, amateur historian, traveler, and member of the Canadian military during the Second World War.

Geizer, Nan, 1916-2006
Cape Breton's Magazine
1981-042 · Fonds · 1967-1998

Consists of audio cassettes and tape reels containing interviews, folklore, and music compiled by Ronald Caplan in the course of research for articles appearing in Cape Breton's Magazine. Most recordings are conversations with older citizens of Cape Breton, many of whom are now deceased. Under the general subject of Cape Breton history and culture, the topics include industrial history, trains and train wrecks, Mi'kmaq life, traditional songs, Sydney Steel, coal mining, musicians, community histories, Acadian culture, fisheries, labour history, supernatural tales, coal miners, hockey and other sports, shipwrecks, Gaelic traditions, reminiscences of immigrants, environmentalists, and the Canso Causeway.

Cape Breton's Magazine
John Bonsall Porter
1981-043 · Fonds · [192-]-[193-]

Consists of twelve films taken by Porter of his travels to Europe, California (Lindberg's first glider flight at LaJolla), Hawaii, the Caribbean, and life in Montreal and Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, including the Sonora Timber Company and hay making with oxen at Larry's River.

Porter, John Bonsall, 1861-1944
Christina Simmons
1982-025 · Collection · 1982-1983

Consists of 9 audio reels containing approximately 14 hours of oral history interviews with 9 different informants recorded between May 1982 and June 1983. Interviewees discuss their relationships with the Jost Mission and the Salvation Army (Halifax); as well as what role these institutions played with regard to the women who both distributed and received the social benefits/services. This study focuses on "class relations and motherhood in the context of social welfare".

Frank Murphy
1982-040 · Fonds · 1940-1966

In his positions as Audio-Visual Supervisor for the Nova Scotia Department of Education, and as a volunteer film projectionist at the Halifax Legion during the Second World War, Frank Murphy frequently dealt with film, and the material in this fonds indicates that he has a keen eye for films of exceptional interest and quality. Of particular note is a print of the Nova Scotia Government Film Unit's 1945 film "Gateway to the World", describing the role of Halifax in the Second World War. The film's colour footage, shot by local photographer T.J. COURTENEY, provides an excellent depiction of wartime life in Halifax.-- The fonds also contains 3 Canadian Paramount newsreels made in 1945, during the closing stages of the Second World War. These newsreels include news stories on the momentous events of the time, often presented from a Canadian perspective. They also contain National Film Board animations and documentaries. Of related interest are two war-era American propaganda films, "The Shinning Future" and "Japan Attacks Pearl Harbour". The first of these is a lavish Hollywood production, aimed specifically at Canadians, urging them to buy "Victory" savings bonds. The second film, aimed at "war workers", was made to provoke anger at the "treacherous" attack, and to instill pride in the ingenuity and energy of the American salvage and repair efforts. These films, although not directly pertinent to Nova Scotia, provide a fascinating insight into the way in which the events of the war were presented to thousands of Nova Scotians. The fonds also includes a 1953 film of the Welsh Guards "Trooping the Colour" before George VI. Finally, the fonds contains two amateur, silent, black and white films of yacht racing at Chester, N.S. in the mid-1960s. The camera work in both films is very goof, and the footage of the yachts racing under full sail is excellent. Also of interest is footage of a ceremony aboard the Bluenose II off Chester in 1966, in which yachts parade past dignitaries on the Bluenose II's deck.

Francis Edward Murphy
Norman Creighton
1982-2 · Fonds · 1964-1965, 1982-1986

Reflects Creighton's work as a radio journalist, and his keen interest in Nova Scotia's history. The two recordings deal with the 1945 V.E. Day riots in Halifax and life in Lunenburg's Grand Banks schooner fishing fleet, respectively.

Creighton, Norman, 1909-1995
A.C. Hawkins
1982-450 · Fonds · 1836-1937, predominant 1885-1925

Fonds consists of correspondence and other records created and accumulated by Hawkins, relating to his career in medicine in Halifax and his political and personal activities. Includes correspondence concerning his medical appointments, patients and their conditions, and cases of professional misconduct; letters and legal documents concerning Supreme Court cases, Hawkins v. Snow and Hawkins v. McNally. Also includes family correspondence between Hawkins and his sister Annabel (Hawkins) Brehaut, letters from siblings Giles and Ella, letters from Hawkins to his children, and letters to and from acquaintances; deeds and other legal records concerning Hawkins' property on Gottingen Street and the related court case; correspondence, report, and other items regarding Hawkins' activities as mayor, including a draft letter discussing the Halifax Explosion; medical examinations and certificates; receipts; newspaper clippings; notes; miscellaneous items relating to Hawkins' involvement in political party associations; and estate papers pertaining to Charles and Charlotte Hawkins.

Hawkins, Arthur Charles
Barbara Keddy
1983-017 · Fonds · 1982-1992

Fonds consists of oral history interviews conducted by Keddy in the course of her research. Recordings contain interviews with over eighty women and cover topics including the social history of nursing in Nova Scotia in the 1930s, the lives of working women in the 1920s and 1930s, retired nurse leaders, and experiences of Black women in the nursing profession. The interviews have served as research data for papers and articles written and/or published by Keddy.

Keddy, Barbara, 1938-
W. G. MacLaughlan collection
1983-284 · Fonds · ca. 1914- ca. 1922

Collection consists of photographs, including panoramas, of Nova Scotia soldiers in World War I and scenes of the city of Halifax immediately after the Halifax Explosion on December 6, 1917. The images include wide angle views of the North End of the city, the shipyard or ‘graving yard’, and 5x7 images in 2 small albums of individual homes (some with people in doorways), stores, warehouse and a church. The photographs in the albums bear MacLaughlan’s name and a sequential number. Some also have the name of the property owner and street name written in pencil. The fonds also includes large group portraits, mostly of soldiers in the Canadian Expeditionary Force for World War I. Most soldiers are identified by name.

MacLaughlan, W.G., 1871-1935
Notman Studio
1983-310 · Collection · [ca. 1869]-[ca.1920]

Consists of photographs taken by Notman Studio of Halifax, Nova Scotia and consists mainly of individual and group portraits of residents of, and visitors to, Halifax. Also includes naval ships and personnel, and buildings, streets and views of Halifax, as well as other Nova Scotian communities, including Antigonish, Canso, Dartmouth, Grand Pré, Musquodoboit Harbour, Sheet Harbour, Truro and Whitehead. Predominantly proof prints; also includes glass negatives, both wet- and dry-plate. Photographs organized by format, and within each format by original negative/proof print number.

Notman Studio (Halifax, N.S.)
A.E. Cornwall
1984-497 · Fonds · [ca. 1890]-[ca. 1925]

Fonds consists of glass plate negatives, salvaged by B.R. Alexander, likely in the late 1970s or early 1980s, from A.E. Cornwall's by then abandoned and severely deteriorated former house in the vicinity of Hantsport. Also includes copy negatives with accompanying copy prints of images created or believed to have been created by A.E. Cornwall. The contents of the fonds document the community of Hantsport, Nova Scotia and environs with particular focus on ship-building and portraiture.

Cornwall, A.E.
Jay White
1985-055 · Fonds · 1980-1990

Consists of textual records and sound recordings relating to Dr. White's work as a historian, particularly his work on Halifax in the Second World War, and the life and career of Portia White. The textual records include drafts of two of his papers, "Portia: A Portrait", which he presented to the Nova Scotia Historical Society see MG 100 volume 254 number 17, and "Halifax, Nova Scotia: A Canadian Staging Area", which he presented to the International Colloquium on cities in the Second World War see MG 100 volume 91 number 6, which also contains an invitation to the Colloquium], and a newspaper clipping (from the Moncton Times-Transcript) discussing Dr. White's publication "The Ajax Affair" see MG 100 volume 85 number 107. Also includes an audio cassette dub, made by Dr. White, of Portia White's album "Think on Me" (which was released posthumously in 1969 by White's family, under the "White House Records" label ) and a 1964 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio interview with her. Finally, there is an audio reel containing a dub of a 1949 CBC Radio Programme, "Race is No Barrier: The Story of Portia White". This programme was part of a series made by the CBC for the National School Board entitled "News of the Week to Schools". The recording was made from a series of transcription discs discovered by Dr. White during his research into Portia White.

James F. (Jay) White
Buckley family
1985-386 · Fonds · 1889-1952

Consists of photographs of Guysborough and vicinity and Buckley family and friends, predominantly by William Buckley and his children, Mary, Edith and Walter. Their photographs of Guysborough and vicinity, taken for both personal and commercial purposes, document the growth and development of Guysborough over fifty years. They depict commercial and residential buildings, streets, harbour, general views, shipping, school activities, community events, fires, outdoor hockey and curling, yachting regattas at Guysborough and Canso, building and bridge construction, farms and livestock, mills, Guysborough Railway survey, 193rd Regiment leaving Guysborough, 1916 and visit of Governor-General Byng, 1923. Also includes negatives left by others for printing, such as school field day, 1932, by Mrs. Erdine Harris and Larry's River and Charlos Cove by Rev. A.H. Cormier. Buckley family photographs included informal portraits of them and their friends and reflect their interests, particularly boating, building working model boats, gardening, and other outdoor activities such as sledding and skating.

Buckley (family)
Harold Weir
1986-017 · Fonds · 1935-1950

Consists of silent film footage by Harold Wier. Includes four 8 mm films in black and white and fourteen 16mm films in a mixture of black and white and colour. Although an amateur, Weir had an appreciation for the art and craft of cinematography. Some material has been edited and titled by Weir, as in the footage he shot during a trip around the Cabot trail in 1938. Most of the material consists of footage of his family and of his travels around Nova Scotia.

Weir, Harold, 1902-1978
B.R. Alexander
1986-092 · Fonds · [ca. 1890]-[ca. 1982]

Fonds consists of correspondence, calculations, deeds and sale agreements, subject files and related documentation compiled by Mr. Alexander relating to his work as a forester and surveyor. The contents of the fonds include documents referring to the following Nova Scotian businesses: MacLeod Paper and Power Company Ltd., Rossignol Lands Ltd., Mersey Paper Company Ltd., Annapolis Lumber Company Ltd., A.D. Mills & Sons Ltd., Lunenburg Wood Products Ltd., and Minas Basin Pulp and Power Corp. Ltd. The contents provide stumpage and 'cruising' details, timber estimate sheets, volume of wood cut, maps and inventories. There are also unattributed original and copy photographs collected by Alexander, which document the Town of Hantsport and environs, as well as photographs he took himself.

Alexander, B.R., 1904-1985
Malcolm and Marial Mosher
1986-29 · Fonds · [1939]-[194-]

Consists of film footage of Marial Mosher dancing and with her friends in the Canadian Women's Army Corps, of the 1939 Royal Visit to Halifax, and a Guide's Meet at Lake Williams (near Bridgewater, Nova Scotia). The one film which was not made by Malcolm Mosher is of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, which was shot by Marial Mosher and a friend. The footage of Marial Mosher's dance recital is significant, since it provides insight into the work of Madame Hylda's School of Dancing. Madame Hylda won national recognition for her work as a dance instructor, and has earned a place in the Dance Hall of Fame in Toronto.

Mosher, Malcolm, 1883-1951
1986-47 · Fonds · 1984-1985

Produced in the early stages on the Native Council of Nova Scotia's Mi'kmaq Language Program, an initiative launched in 1983, "for the purpose of preserving, protecting and encouraging the use of the Mi'kmaq Language among both the Mi'kmaq and non-Mi'kmaq people of Eastern Canada". The cassettes and the accompanying workbook were the first of a series of Mi'kmaq as a Second Language Learning Materials. The Program maintains an extensive library of Mi'kmaq language learning materials. Also, under its auspices customized Mi'kmaq Language teaching methodologies have been developed, and Mi'kmaq Translation Services and a school language familiarization plan have been established. Audio recordings, then, provides an interesting insight into the early work of what has since become a significant institution in Nova Scotia's Mi'kmaw culture.

Native Council of Nova Scotia, 1975-
W.R. MacAskill
1987-453 · Fonds · [ca. 1875], [ca. 1907]-[ca. 1949]

Consists of negatives, prints, and slides taken by W.R. MacAskill, primarily when he was a commercial photographer in Halifax. Includes images of coastal villages, fishing scenes, seascapes, towns and landscapes, the International Fishing Schooner Races, 1920-1937, the Bluenose under construction, naval vessels, freighters and other ships, and yachting. The geographic area represented in the photographs is almost exclusively Nova Scotia but also includes New Brunswick and Newfoundland. Many of the photographs appear in MacAskill's books Out of Halifax and Lure of the Sea and his studio catalogues, as well as in Andrew Merkel's book Schooner Bluenose. The fonds also contains photographs produced at his studios at St. Peter's and Glace Bay, most of which are portraits; personal photographs of MacAskill, his wife, friends and acquaintances, his yacht Highlander, and his home "Brigadoon" in Ferguson Cove; and a small number of photographs taken by other professional photographers including Norman and Climo. Also includes film footage taken by MacAskill of the 1938 schooner race between Bluenose and Gertrude L. Thebaud, and a Nova Scotia tourism film.

MacAskill, W.R., 1887-1956
Ancient Order of Hibernians
1988-201 · Fonds · 1913 - 1926

Materials have been arranged by physical form as follows: constitutions, minutes, annaul reports, financial records, correspondence, membership records, convention programs, and miscellaneous items. Within each category items have been placed in chronological order.

Ancient Order of Hibernians (New Glasgow)
MacKenzie Studios
1988-407 · Fonds · [ca. 1941]-1976, predominant 1948-1975

Consists of photographs (nitrate and safety negatives and prints) representing nearly 16,000 contracts undertaken by Roy MacKenzie and MacKenzie Studios. The geographic area encompassed by the work is exclusively Pictou County with the exception of a small number of portraits of graduate nurses from St. Martha's School of Nursing in Antigonish (1957-1965). Most of the fonds contains portraits of family groups, individuals, weddings and secondary school students and graduates within Pictou County taken for school yearbooks (1952-1975). Also includes photographs taken for insurance adjustment, real estate sales, advertising for small businesses, and a significant number of industrial photographs (1952-1976), including Trenton Industries Ltd., its products, mechanical coal-mining machine, development of the Marine Extension Program (1952-1953), and other local steel forging companies. Approximately one percent of photographs are colour. Over five percent of photographs are unidentified and/or undated.

MacKenzie Studios (New Glasgow, N.S.)
Alexander H. Leighton
1988-413 · Fonds · [ca. 1880]-1974, predominant 1950-1953

Fonds consists of photographs (negatives, contact prints, selected enlargements, and slides) created and accumulated in the course of the Stirling County Study directed by Leighton. The fonds consists primarily of prints and negatives taken by chief photographer John Collier Jr. which depict Digby County, Nova Scotia, including the communities of Digby, Bear River, Cape St. Marys, Freeport, Westport, Weymouth, and numerous others. Includes images of traditional industries (agriculture, fishing, logging, and family businesses), family, social, and religious events, schools, churches, housing, residents, and general views and landscapes. Other photographs include aerial views of the study site taken by the Royal Canadian Air Force; scenes of Digby County from various sources; the Navajo community at Fruitland, New Mexico, USA, relating to a parallel study at Cornell University; and a small number of photographs accumulated by Leighton during his travels to Europe and Africa. Fonds also includes 16mm film reels containing mostly raw footage and work prints relating to the study in Digby and parallel studies in Nigeria and New York, as well as two documentary films shot by Leighton; one film entitled "Porpoise Oil" was produced in collaboration with the Mi'kmaq of the Bear River Reserve in 1936 and features a re-enactment of traditional hunting methods.

Leighton, Alexander H.