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John Gorham
2013-014 · Fonds · 1748-1750

Consists of a single volume used as a waste or note book in which Gorham recorded, for the most part, financial transactions. In places the book displays some evidence that entries were later copied to ledger books recording the accounts of his ventures and pay of his men and many entries are about payments on accounts rather than direct cash transactions. The book covers activities during the period 1747 to 1750 and includes lists of expenses for recruiting, equipping and provisioning his company of rangers, lists of expenses for the upkeep and provisioning of several ships including the sloop Diligence and the schooners Warren and Anson. For the most part the volume documents the issuance of provisions and supplies to his men recording the distribution of food, clothing and to a lesser extent equipment and goods. Some entries record in the French language transactions with Acadians at Pizaquid (now Windsor, NS) for the provision of fresh meat and goods. Entries for wages paid, sometimes with the signed or marked receipts of his men appear throughout the book.

The start of the book contains many entries related to his establishment on Sable Island, some entered retrospectively from 1747, and other island entries are scattered across the volume. Entries generally record where the activity was happening be it Annapolis Royal, Chebucto (now Halifax,NS), Minas or Boston (MA, USA).

The volume also includes copies of a few letters. One in particular to a Mr Owles, speaks to the recruitment of rangers, the size of companies, some conditions of service and what happens in a peace. Also included in the volume is a crude manuscript map showing houses and names of some families, presumably along a portion of Cape Breton Island, NS – from Cape 'Shebnacada' (Shenacadie) which is a settlement located on the south end of St. Andrew’s Channel to past 'Grand Ance' (Grande Anse) which is on the north side of Lennox Passage. The volume ends with a description by Gorham in a two page entry of a skirmish with Mi'kmaq encountered by his sloop Diligence while sailing along the coastline in August of 1748 from 'Port Mahoan'(Mahone Bay) to 'Cape Porpicom'. (Portapique, Colchester County or Pubnico have been suggested as possible contemporary locations for "Porpicom".)

Gorham, John
John Allen
2006-052 · Fonds · 1812-1814, 1824

Consists of eight letters, most written to John Allen, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia from 1812-1824. The majority of the letters were from his cousin, Robert Allen, of Boston, Massachusetts. Due to the War of 1812, the letters were transported by a third person by ship from Boston to Nova Scotia. They contain Robert's comments on the hostilities between Britain and the United States, as well as family matters such as illnesses and deaths, and intemperate behavior on the part of certain relatives. One letter is written to John's brother, William, of Dartmouth, from a business supplier in Maine regarding funds owing. Some letters are difficult to read due to illegible handwriting.

Allen, John, 1771-1849
Archibald family
2008-044 · Fonds · 1819-1890s, predominant 1826-1831

Fonds consists of letters between brothers Charles, Edward, John Duncan, and Samson Salter Blowers Archibald as well as their father, S.G.W. Archibald, concerning family news, legal proceedings and letters from acquaintances discussing legal cases. The fonds also includes a poem and a discussion of current events including the American Civil War.

Archibald (family)
M.D. McKenna
Fonds · 1848-1855, 1921

Consists of M.D. McKenna's Journals from 8 November 1848 to 5 September 1855, pertaining information on his time as the superintendent of Sable Island. Also consists of a typescript of the journals, a summary of shipwrecks on Sable Island from 1849-1855, a typescript entitled "Reminiscences of Sable Island", a biography of Maurice Noonan, dated 11 March, 1921, and a newspaper clipping entitled "Sable Island".

McKenna, Matthew D.
Bliss family
MG 1 volumes 1597-1604 · Fonds · 1749-1920 (predominant 1810-1872)

Fonds consists of correspondence and other records created and accumulated by four generations of the Bliss family, most of which relate to Henry Bliss. Includes letters written to Henry by his brothers Lewis and William Blowers beginning at King's College, Windsor, and continuing almost until their deaths. Letters discuss personal and family news, leisure and business activities, and local and international events. Also includes letters written to Henry from other family members, friends, and business acquaintances, and letters to his business associates including Jack Brown and Robert Gordon. Also contains correspondence received by Lewis and William Blowers Bliss, mostly from Henry Bliss, assorted correspondence between Bliss family members, journals, diaries, legal and financial records, literary manuscripts, certificates, notes and charts on Bliss family geneaology, newspaper clippings, broadsheets and other ephemera. Other family members and individuals represented in the fonds include Jonathan Bliss, wife Mary (Worthington) Bliss, William Blowers Bliss II and wife Emily (Steen) Bliss, Sarah (Anderson) Bliss, Sampson Salter Blowers, and related families Binney, Odell, Dwight.

Bliss (family)
Fonds · 1835-1879 (with gaps)

Consists of three court proceedings books (1835-1837; 1847-1856; 1861-1864) in which the clerk of the peace recorded the actions of the court at Arichat, Richmond County, Nova Scotia; one file of assessment rolls for property taxes levied on residents of the townships of Arichat, Port Hawksbury, Lennox and Maitland (1843, 1862-1863); two files of outgoing correspondence of the justices to the provincial secretary at Halifax as well as certificates of their appointment, oaths of office, lists of justices, some sheriff appointment bonds, and witness statements and a petition in French from residents of L’Ardoise concerning justices of the peace conduct (1840-1879); one file of sheriff appointment bonds of surety along with a list of sheriffs (1837-1865); two files of lists (called returns) of all the criminal and civil cases heard each year, including minutes of the investigation prompted by the L’Ardoise petition (1835-1853); two books of revenues and expenses of the court kept by the Treasurer of the Grand Jury that includes messages to the Court justices, amounts of taxes collected and paid out to officials, and names of court officers, sheriffs, clerks, workmen and jury members (1831-1879); and one book of floor plans and expenses to build a new courthouse in Arichat (1851-1858).

Proceedings books include lists of members for the Grand and Petit Juries, dates of court hearings, names of plaintiff and defendant, the decision and any actions by the court, names of justices of the peace presiding, and taxes levied and paid out to officials. The earliest book, covering 1835 to 1837, also includes a list of supplies purchased for court operations in 1843.

Assessment rolls provide male names as “head of families” and amount of taxes owed organized by geographic district within the county.

The returns or lists of civil cases heard contain names of plaintiffs and defendants, their place of residence, court orders (called writs) issued, amounts of debt and fees owed. Criminal case lists include date of hearing, names of parties, offence charged, final judgment and punishment, and if carried out.

Richmond County (NS). Court of General Sessions of the Peace
CO · Collection · 1703-1886

Consists of portions of the Colonial Office records containing information about Nova Scotia through the British colonial period. The collection includes the original correspondence or dispatches (in-letters) of the various colonial governors of Nova Scotia or other senior officials responsible for administering the colonial government, as well as entry books (out-letters) consisting of copies of Colonial Office replies. These are supplemented with various indexes, registers, acts passed by the colonial legislature, Blue Books of Statistics, sessional papers and miscellanea.

Views of Halifax photographs
Collection · 1870-1890

The collection consists of one photograph album which was compiled by Thomas Mower Martin, an English-born Canadian painter. Most of the photographs depict scenes in Halifax and Cape Breton, including the Public Gardens, the Citadel, Melville Island, and Point Pleasant Park. Each photograph has a caption indicating the location of the scene. Many of the photographs are inscribed with the name of the photographer on the front, including William Notman, Umlah, and J.M. Margeson. Some photographs taken by William Notman also have a number assigned by the photographer.
At the end of the album, there are six contrived studio portraits of unidentified African Nova Scotian men and women. Using props and costumes they are not authentic representations of the past but examples of anti-Black racism. There is no information about the photographer of these portraits.

Thomas Mower Martin
John Clarkson
MG 1 volume 219 · Fonds · 1800s

Consists of transcripts of John Clarkson's journal documenting his trip from London to Halifax, his activities in Halifax, and the trip to Sierra Leone from 6 August 1791 to 18 March 1792.

Clarkson, John, 1764-1828
Nova Scotia Post Office
RG 24 · Fonds · 1769-1897, predominant 1769-1878

Consists of 4 Series: Postmaster General's correspondence (1825-1862); Financial records (1769-1868); Returns and other material (1846-1897); and Tenders (1851-1859).

Nova Scotia. Post Office
Nehemiah Porter family
MG 1 volume 770A · Fonds · 1765-1860, 1898, predominant 1767-1776

Consists of original and typed copies of correspondence, 1767-1812 (fragmentary) written and received by Rev. Nehemiah Porter and his son Nehemiah Porter Jr. Includes letters from Rev. Porter to his children in Massachusetts and Yarmouth, and letters written to Nehemiah Porter Jr. in Yarmouth from his father and siblings. Letters include mention of work, travel, family news, and religious reflection. Also contains deeds, indentures, will, and other documents, mostly concerning the estate of Rev. Porter and property in Yarmouth; "Journal from N. England to Capeforsoe in Nova Scotia" kept by Rev. Porter, 1767-1769, which includes mention of his parishioners, sermons and ceremonies performed, travels, family activities, and weather. Also included are photograph portraits, 1898, and prints of Rev. Porter's children and grandchildren, and Porter and Chipman family residences; indenture and photograph of indenture concerning the apprenticeship of David Dire, African-Nova Scotian; and letter and receipt dated 1860 pertaining to Capt. Porter at Yarmouth.

Nehemiah Porter family, 1720-
Joseph N. Rice
2005-007 · Fonds · 1880s-1900s

Consists of photographs by J.N. Rice. Includes individual studio portraits, family groups, streetscapes, houses, stores, train stations, locomotives, sailing ships and wharves, in what appears to be the Bridgetown, Annapolis County, area. Most images are unidentified, but a few are labelled with "Joseph N. Rice, Photographer".

Rice, Joseph N., 1857-[190-?]
MG 20 volume 581 · Fonds · 1896-1903

Consists of the financial secretary's ledger documenting daily initiation, enrollment, and registration fees, and a roll book on insured members of the Bridgetown Court including name, address, occupation, and beneficiary.

Independent Order of Foresters. Bridgetown Court, No. 3360
Alice Jones
MG 1 volumes 524-525 · Fonds · 1902-1904

Fonds consists of handwritten and typewritten manuscripts of Jones' works including, "A Well Dressed Woman," "From the North-West" and "Jamaica." Also includes her handwritten diary (1902-1904), compiled while she resided at Government House, Halifax, and two scrapbooks containing greeting cards and other ephemera, with some items in the second scrapbook addressed to Eva Clark.

Jones, Alice, 1853-1933
Henry Youle Hind
MG 1 volumes 470-471 · Fonds · 1870-1905

Consists of draft chapters of a manuscript entitled Fisheries of British North America, 1877, including some related correspondence and research notes. Also includes two files of notes concerning the early townships of Falmouth, Horton, Cornwallis and Newport, and Indians of Nova Scotia; scrapbook of newspaper clippings compiled by Hind which include several printed letters he wrote to Nova Scotian newspapers, 1870-1871, mostly regarding King's College, Windsor. There are also some printed letters on the same subject from professors Henry How, F.C. Sumichrast, and others, and a few clippings pertaining to Hind's investigation of the Laurentian system of rocks in Nova Scotia; seven miscellaneous letters to and from Hind, 1877-1905, which include mention of his works, geological theories, early land grants in Windsor, and the proposed railway in Nova Scotia, 1870s; and two letters from his brother, painter William G.R. Hind, 1870.

Hind, Henry Youle, 1823-1908
RG 20 Series C · Fonds · 1750-1905

Consists of eleven series: Crown Land grants plans, surveys and other records, 1753-1864, predominant 1784-1830, Indexes to grant books and other material, [ca. 1750]-[ca. 1880], Land grant maps, Land petitions and other material, 1765-1914, Applications for Purchase and Ungranted Petitions, 1781-1910, Cape Breton land petitions and other material, 1787-1864, predominant 1787-1843, Commissioners' correspondence and other material, 1765-1905, Commissioners' letterbooks, Financial records, 1791-1925, Township records, 1759-[ca. 1847], and Journal of Titus Smith, 1801-1833.

Nova Scotia. Commissioner of Crown Lands
Chester Brown
2008-020 · Fonds · 12 December 1917; 16 December 1917

Consists of two letters written to members of Mr. Brown's family in the United States describing the situation in Halifax in the aftermath of the Halifax Harbour Explosion of 1917.

Brown, Chester, [18--]-[19--]
Sydenham Howe
1994-272 · Fonds · 1757-1917, predominant 1853-1889

Consists of a scrapbook compiled by Sydenham Howe, mostly documenting his family and his literary and artistic interests. Includes correspondence, predominantly written to and from Hon. Joseph Howe; printed and handwritten poems by Joseph Howe, Maria Morris, Mary Jane Katzman Lawson, and others; prints of engravings and lithographs, many of which depict women's fashions of the mid-19th century; newspaper clippings, several pertaining to poetry and curling; sketches and watercolours by artist Maria Morris as well as Mary Currie and S.J. Howe; visiting cards; autographs dated 1757 onwards; printed material and ephemera, including invitations, the Victoria School of Art and Design exhibition of loans catalogue, 1887, and 1889 issue of Halifax Carnival, and three Notman photographs of John Howe and John and Mary (Currie) Ross. Also contains correspondence and other items relating to the McNab family.

Howe, Sydenham, 1843-1929
2017-034 · Collection · December 1917

Fonds consists of 29 photographs of the destruction of military buildings, ships, and waterfront piers caused by the Halifax Explosion of 6 December 1917. Images include the Wellington Barracks and other buildings at Wellington (became CFB Stadacona military base) on Gottingen Street, the ship “Imo” beached on Dartmouth shore, the steamship “S.S. Old Colony” which became a temporary hospital, railway line along the shore, the deep-water military terminals at Pier 2, the market at Duke and Brunswick Streets (became Scotia Square), and the garrison chapel at corner of Brunswick and Cogswell Streets. Photographs bear sequential numbers A1 toA6, B1 to B6… to E1 to E6. Missing from the set is B3.

Deroche, Alexander Pierrepont
Douglas George Buckley
2023-023 · Fonds · 1914-1918

Consists of the letters that Douglas George Buckley sent home during the war, the majority of which were addressed to his mother and his sister Hilda (who is referred to as “Billy”) in Guysborough. There are also a few letters between Dr. Buckley and John Tory regarding Douglas’ injury during the war. Also includes photographs of Douglas and friends in Toronto, most of which have been identified and dated. Includes postcards from Douglas to his family, some newspaper clippings and some other textual documents related to Douglas’s return to Guysborough.

Buckley, Douglas George, 1891-1967
Hillis family
2017-054 · Fonds · 1917-1918

Consists of a typed inventory of the possessions, furniture, décor, and food supplies lost by the Hillis family in the Halifax Explosion (31 December 1917), a letter to Clara from her eldest son Gordon (23 February 1918), and three photographs taken circa 1940s of George, Clara, and their niece Eva McPhail. Oartially document the economic status of the Hillis family and their standard of living in early 20th century Halifax.

Hillis, George B.
Colin Campbell and Company
Fonds · 1856-1918, predominant 1911-1914

Consists of business records of Colin Campbell and Company (later called G.D. Campbell & Sons). Located in Weymouth, Digby County, they were lumber merchants, storekeepers and shipowners. Contains an accounts ledger, 1861-1866; daybooks, 1856-1858, 1862-1864, 1874; and letter books, 1873-1874, 1911-1914. The latter includes the correspondence of Campbell Lumber Co., a subsidiary. Also contains minute books of the company, 1913-1918, in a microfilm-only format.

Colin Campbell and Company
John A. Lanigan
MG 1 volume 1059B · Fonds · 1888-1919

Consists of several journals which contain John A. Lanigan’s poems and stories along with two versions of his universal language, “Tolien”, in a dictionary format. Also consists of pages of sheet music which incorporated Lanigan’s poetry verses as lyrics and two articles that Lanigan wrote under the pseudonym Kinel Araga.

Lanigan, John A.
Howard Pentelow
Fonds · December 1917-1920s

Consists of 5 telegrams to Howard’s parents William and Maud Pentelow from the Royal Canadian Naval College and from Deputy Minister of Naval Services (Dec 7 to 9, 1917); a letter from Howard to his mother Maud detailing his experience of the Halifax Explosion on Dec 6, 1917 (Dec 1917) and treatment in hospital; and 2 photographic copy prints of Howard Pentelow in uniform, taken later (ca.1920s).

Pentelow, Howard
Ross family
MG 1 volumes 794-795 · Fonds · 1816-1920

Consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, petitions, deeds, and minutes accumulated by Captain William Ross regarding the Ross family and the development of the Sherbrooke military settlement, later called New Ross, 1816-1822. Also contains correspondence and other material relating to property in New Ross and the 75th Battilion Infantry, 1846-1920, and correspondence and diary of Edward Ross relating to business and social activities in New Ross, Halifax, and Lunenburg County, 1835-1891.

Ross (family)