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Carroll Burton Feindel
Fonds · 1940 - 1960

Consists of 14 colour films, 4 black and white films, and 1 in both for a total of 19 films copied onto 3 film reels. Most of the films were made by Carroll Feindel and reflect his life and interests. The bulk of his work is of the "home movies" or "travelogue" genre, consisting of amateur footage depicting his family, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) bases to which he was posted, and his family excursions and vacations off the bases. The films document military and family life in the 1940s and 1950s, and provide a view of the places he visited in Newfoundland-and-Labrador and Nova Scotia during this time. In particular, one of the "Labrador" films (Vc 1083) captures video of Naskapi First Nation members returning from a seal hunt, and others woodworking and drying skins (1949). There is also footage of the family taking a boat trip up the Hamilton River which disappeared after opening of Churchill Falls hydroelectric project in 1974. The cinematography is generally very good. The fonds also includes 3 documentary works made by others which Mr. Feindel collected and preserved.

Carroll Burton Feindel
Cecil Zink
MG 3 volume 6166 · Fonds · [ca. 1912]-1967

Consists of a business ledger, journal, correspondence, receipts and invoices. The contents document Mr. Zink's business involvements and funeral work in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Zink, Cecil, 1880-1967
RG 8 volumes 1-19 · Fonds · 1818-1873

Consists of records created and accumulated by the secretary of the Central Board of Agriculture, particularly during the tenures of John Young, William Scott, and Titus Smith. Includes correspondence, returns, reports, accounts, notes payable, invoices, receipts, by-laws, orders, affidavits, and lists of officers. Volume 1 includes a minute book of the Provincial Agriculture Society from 1818 to 1825. Most of the records are relating to local agricultural societies. Arranged by agricultural society name.

C.H. Johnson
MG 1 volumes 1469A and 1538D · Fonds · 1845-1960

Consists of poetry, newspaper clippings, articles, bibliographies and research notes. There are also indices for a number of serial religious publications including: The Guardian, The Wesleyan, The Presbyterian Witness, New Brunswick Religious and Literary Journal, The Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Wesleyan Methodist Magazine and British North American Wesleyan Methodist Magazine. There is also significant research on centenarians taken from some of the indexed publications.

Johnson, C.H., [ca. 1878]-1974
Charitable Irish Society
MG 20 volumes 61-70 · Fonds · 1786-2009

Consists of official records of the society, including executive minutes, committee minutes, constitution and bylaws, financial papers, presidential files, correspondence, and proposals for membership. Also includes programs, addresses and menus for Society events; publications and engravings, and a brief history of the Society compiled in digital format in 2009.

Charitable Irish Society (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Charles and John Inglis
MG 1 volume 1688A · Fonds · 1771, 1787-1837

Consists of an Act Book, also entitled "..Register of the Diocese of Nova Scotia and its Dependeces", kept from the time of Bishop Charles Inglis' consecration in 1787 until 18 September 1810. The book contains the names and particulars of men he ordained to the ministry and which parish the minister was licensed to serve in. There is a gap in the book until 1825-1826 when it was kept by his son, Bishop John Inglis, who also included additional notes, 1829-1837. The Act Book also contains rough copies of letters and documents drafted by Charles Inglis before they were forwarded to the addressee, usually officers of state, the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, and two letters written by John Inglis when he acted as commissary to his father. There are also copies of documents by Charles Inglis relating to the proposal to consecrate bishops for the United States, copies of letters he wrote to the commission appointed by Parliament in London stating the losses he sustained as a Loyalist, and a copy of the deed of endowment of St. Pauls Church, Halifax, 1771.

Inglis, Charles, 1734-1816
Charles Balish
Fonds · 1938-1979

Six black and white regular 8mm film reels, three regular 8mm color film reels and three super 8mm color film reels taken in and around Shelburne, Lunenburg and Queens counties. The content reflects the growth and development of the Balish family and the community of Lockport in which they lived. The early films depict industries such as ice processing and the fishery while later films capture events such as the National Sea plant fire in 1979 and various centennial parades and exhibitions. The films are in Mr. Balish's original order with the exception of four small b&w films from the late 1930s and early 1940s which were strung together in order that they might be transferred to video.

Balish, Charles
Charles E. Bryant
2016-048 · Fonds · 1895-1956

Consists of personal diaries, notebooks, family photographs, a photograph album of ships, Halifax Harbour and Dockyard passes, and home movies. Charles Bryant kept daily diaries of his social activities in Halifax, with occasional references to business contacts, from 1908 to 1956, though not for every year. The notebooks document ships travelling through Halifax Harbour 1895-1920, giving dates of arrival, departure, and freight amounts for lobster and apples, supplemented by photographs of the ships taken during their visit. Album also includes images of ships and parts of the city damaged by the Halifax Explosion of 1917. The home movies show people relaxing at the beach, playing golf and baseball in Stanhope, Prince Edward Island, parts of a family wedding, and landscapes of the Cabot Trail, NS, Lunenburg, NS, and New York Harbor. The movies document the Bryant and Stairs family Christmas in Halifax and vacations in Stanhope, PE during the Second World War and in the 1950s.

Bryant, Charles E.
Charles F. McClure
2002-065 · Fonds · 1864-1866, 1873-1874

Consists of a letterbook containing correspondence to McClure, arranged in reverse chronological order. The volume is labelled "North American ... [incomplete - possibly meant North American Gold Mining Company] -- Charles F. McClure - From December 1873 to October 1874". There are two sets of letters in the letterbook: (1) 57 letters,1864-1866, from Benjamin C. Wilson (1832-1905), native of Hants County, and an authority on mining law and goldfields technology. He was apparently a manager of the North American Gold Mining Company at the time the letters were written. He wrote from Waverley either to McClure, or his associate, Charles Barrett, of Boston, providing updates every few days on mining progress. His letters describe equipment used, drilling methods, and similar information. (2) The second set, 166 letters, 1873-1874, consists of miscellaneous correpondence written to McClure in Boston. Some letters are from associates at the mining operations in Waverley, reporting on activities in the mines; others are from business associates in the United States, commenting on mutual investments, other mining ventures, and financial matters. There are also a few letters of a personal nature from friends and family members.

McClure, Charles F., 19th cent.
Charles H. Clark
Fb2812-Fb2846 · Fonds · 1980-1987

Consists of moving images, sound recordings, and textual records relating to Charles H. Clark's work on his short, experimental film 8 Frames per Second, which he produced in association with the Atlantic Filmmaker's Cooperative. Includes the video master of 8 Frames and a 16mm print. Fonds also includes most of the 16mm printing elements used in the making of the film, including original trims, A&B optical reversal tracks for the film's dialogue, reversal film, internegatives, credit outtakes, and A&B reversals. Since 8 Frames per Second is based largely on Clark's dialogue with his neighbours, extensive sound recordings were made by Clark during the six years of the film's production. These recordings include his neighbours' conversations and extensive recordings of a variety of "wild sound" used to evoke the atmosphere of the neighbourhood in which Clark lived.

Charles H. Clark
MG 1 volumes 3531-3535 · Fonds · 1875-1967, 1992, 1995

Consists of records created and accumulated by Jake Creighton in the course of his business activities, including ledgers, journals, articles of partnership, correspondence and miscellaneous financial records concerning Creightons Limited, 1875-1962, 1992. Also contains correspondence, financial records, shareholder's records, minutes, printed material, and other miscellaneous items accumulated by Creighton relating to his involvement with the Brightwood Golf and Country Club, 1912-1949, the Auto Bus Company, 1917-1925, and Jolly Tar tourism campaign organized by the Halifax Board of Trade, 1963-1967. Also contains material relating to C.E. Creighton and Paul H. Creighton.

Creighton, Charles Jacob "Jake"
Charles Lockhart
MG 1 volume 1541 · Fonds · 1882-1895

Consists of letters received by Lockhart from William Frederick DesBarres and his son Lewis Wilkins DesBarres, relating to the Castle Frederick estate. Letters discuss maintenance of the property, dykes, crops, production of apples, and lawsuits involving other tenants of the DesBarres estate. Also includes mention of personal family news. Arranged chronologically.

Lockhart, Charles, 1851-1924
Charles Morris
MG 1 volume 1206 · Fonds · 1764-1830, predominant 1800-1807

Consists of correspondence primarily between Charles Morris and his father-in-law, Joseph Pernette, concerning land grants, land disputes and surveys in Lunenburg County, family news and health, and events such as the Napoleonic War. Also contains correspondence, receipts, and deeds relating to the property and estate of Morris' father, Hon. Charles Morris, and a geneaology of the Morris family.

Morris, Charles, 1759-1831
Charles St. Clair Stayner
MG 1 volumes 1619-1650 · Fonds · 1841-1976

Consists of records documenting Stayner's genealogical research on Nova Scotian families. Includes notes, charts, correspondence, press clippings and other research material compiled for over 700 families, primarily from Halifax city and Halifax County. Also contains biographical and historical articles on people and buildings; correspondence, press clippings, legal documents, and various other items created and accumulated by Stayner relating to his involvement with Nova Scotia Historical Society committees; and documents relating to his mother Helen (Jones) Stayner and related family members, including Emma Jones, Cereno Percy Jones, Mary Jones, Helen (Ladd) Jones, and the Ladd family. Other related families represented include Duffus, Greenwood, Gruchy, Jones, Mounce, Murray, Stairs, and Thompson. There are also references to historic buildings, centenarians, and miscellaneous historical references. Photographs, mostly of family members, are also found among the textual records.

Stayner, Charles St. C., 1897-1979
Chesley family
MG 1 volumes 177-180 · Fonds · 1755-1883

Consists of deeds, commissions, receipts, account books, letters, legal records, and probate records of the Chesley family of Annapolis County. The majority of the material was created and accumulated by Maj. Samuel Chesley, his son Capt. Samuel Moore Chesley, and brother Benjamin Chesley, concerning legal cases and the Annapolis County Court, and property transactions.

Chesley (family)
Chester Brown
2008-020 · Fonds · 12 December 1917; 16 December 1917

Consists of two letters written to members of Mr. Brown's family in the United States describing the situation in Halifax in the aftermath of the Halifax Harbour Explosion of 1917.

Brown, Chester, [18--]-[19--]
Chief Electoral Officer
Fonds · 1967-1988

Consists of two series: Official lists of electors and Election Commission and electoral boundaries commission records.

Nova Scotia. Chief Electoral Officer
Chipman family
MG 1 volumes 181-218 · Fonds · 1760-1899

Consists of records documenting the business activities and positions held by the Chipman family in Kings County, N.S., including Ross Chipman, his father, William Henry Chipman, and his great-grandfather, William Allen Chipman. Fonds contains correspondence, deeds, mortgages, and other material relating to Chipman family estates and associated families, 1760-1877; journals, accounts, receipts, and legal records, pertaining to family businesses in Kings County and Halifax, 1847-1899, including Chipman & Co. and W.H. Chipman and Son; assessment rolls, minutes, petitions, and other material relating to the Court of General Sessions and the Inferior Court of Common Pleas, 1761-1865; accounts, labour books, minutes, and other material concerning the construction of dykes, 1760-1834; and records of attendance, lists of supplies and promotions, and company rolls regarding the 68th Kings County Regiment, Reserve Militia of Canada, 1864-1869.

Chipman (family)
C.H.L. Jones
1993-119 · Fonds · 1897-1949, 1992

Consists of records documenting Col. Jones' career in the military and work as an industrialist. Includes correspondence, addresses, scrapbooks, clippings, certificates and items relating to the history of Nova Scotia.

Jones, Charles Hugh Lepailleur, 1876-1949
CHNS Radio
MG 20 volumes 1375-1385 · Fonds · 1926-1977

Consists of sound recordings of radio programs produced and broadcast by CHNS including "Tales Told Under the Town Clock", "Report from Parliament Hill", "Soldiers of the Press", and "Your Children Sing", as well as various commercials and advertisements. Fonds also contains textual records, the majority of which include scripts, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other research material relating to "Tales Told Under the Old Town Clock". Also includes other broadcast scripts; sheet music used for instrumentals on CHNS broadcasts; question sheets for "ABC Quiz" and "IQ Challenge"; scrapbooks of newspaper clippings pertaining to radio shows, celebrities and wartime events; advertisers' receipt books; and daily journals describing broadcasts and sponsors. Contains photographs, most of which were taken by local commercial photographers between 1926 and 1970, depicting CHNS offices, studios and equipment, performers and musical groups featured on CHNS, company executives and announcers including William C. Borrett and J. Frank Willis, station and local events, and Moose River Gold Mine at the time of the 1936 mining accident.

CHNS (Radio Station: Halifax, N.S.)
Christie Macdonald
1990-03 · Collection · 1989

The cassette in this fonds contains dubs of five songs from two of Christie Macdonald's most successful shows, recorded when she was at the very height of her fame. "Two Little Love Bees" and "Day Dreams, Visions of Bliss" are both from "Spring Maid", and were recorded in 1911. "Sweethearts", "Crickets on the Hearth", and "The Angelus" are from "Sweethearts", and were recorded in 1913. All of these recordings were on the Victor label. The dubs were made from discs which were old and badly scratched. However, they do capture the beauty of Christie Macdonald's voice, and help the listener appreciate the talent of this exceptionally famous and successful Nova Scotian.

Christie Macdonald
Christina Ross Frame
1999-029 · Fonds · 1920-1950

Consists of one manuscript entitled "Golden Years In Acadie", history of seafaring and shipbuilding from Maitland, Hants County. Parts of the manuscript have been published in different magazines such as Readers' Digest.

Frame, Christina Ross, 1860-1950
Christina Simmons
1982-025 · Collection · 1982-1983

Consists of 9 audio reels containing approximately 14 hours of oral history interviews with 9 different informants recorded between May 1982 and June 1983. Interviewees discuss their relationships with the Jost Mission and the Salvation Army (Halifax); as well as what role these institutions played with regard to the women who both distributed and received the social benefits/services. This study focuses on "class relations and motherhood in the context of social welfare".

Chuck MacNeil
MG 2 volumes 1867-1886 · Fonds · 1981-1993, predominant 1989-1992

Consists of records created and accumulated by MacNeil in the course of his constituency, ministerial and personal activities. Includes correspondence, subject files, committee files, reports, newspaper clippings, memoranda, notes, speeches, and printed material. Includes files, accumulated as MLA, concerning National Sea Products, the closing of the fish plant in Canso, and the development of business and industry in Guysborough County. Other records accumulated by MacNeil and his executive assistant, Bernard A. O'Neill, while he was minister of lands and forests and minister of natural resources pertain to such departmental responsibilities as forests, parks, and wharves.

MacNeil, Dr. Charles "Chuck", 1944-2022
Clairtone Sound Corporation
MG 3 volumes 2149-2232 · Fonds · 1957-1972

Consists of records mainly created and accumulated by the corporation during its operations in Nova Scotia. Contains extensive upper management correspondence (13 top company officers), including that of Peter Munk, the company co-founder and president, and other top officers such as the vice-president, general manager, and controller, as well as lesser officials such as the purchasing director, engineer, and marketing and sales manager. Some of these files include annual and other major reports, minutes of director's meetings, policy manuals and official financial statements. There are also separate sections consisting of financial statements and other major corporate records such as annual reports, procedural manuals, and legal agreements, as well as marketing files (including product and promotional photographs and literature), and engineering department records such as quality control manuals and product blueprints.

Clairtone Sound Corporation