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2018-002 · Fonds · 1891-1955

Fonds consists of correspondence (1906-1955), mine leases (1903-1919), sales agreements (1908-1948), gold return memos from U.S. and Royal Canadian Mints (1903-1912, 1938-1940), monthly summaries of mine operations (1938-1942) and expense statements (1938-1941), geologists’ reports (1927, 1935-1938), prospectus reports (1903, 1928, 1935-1940), stock certificates (or shares 1903, 1935), plans of mine workings and lease holders (1891-1940), mineral maps of Nova Scotia (ca1901, 1912, 1935), and some photographs of mining machinery and above-ground buildings (1930s). The files are arranged by company name in roughly chronological order by the archivist.

Correspondence is addressed mostly to Arthur Brennan, and includes his correspondence with company representatives (1924-1949); the Department of Public Works and Mines (1921-1949); with mine managers Frank Reeves (1921-1945), N.O. Lawton (1939-1940), and R.W. Sweet (1940-1941); with his brother C. Victor Brennan, a mining engineer in British Columbia (1922-1948); with his lawyers (1922-1949); and with other prospective buyers (1921-1924, 1929-1934). Fonds also includes early correspondence of W.A. Brennan (1906-1915) and one file of correspondence to Arthur Brennan’s son Bill Brennan regarding closing the mine (1943-1955).

Brennans’ gold mine at Oldham
Brian Cuthbertson
MG 1 volumes 2703-2708 · Fonds · 1801-2010 (predominantly 1984-2010)

Fonds consists of materials generated and accumulated by Brian Cuthbertson during his research work, including correspondence, notes, reports, and copies of documents relating to Bishop Charles Inglis and his contemporaries. Also contains family papers (history and genealogy) relating to the Uniacke, Fawson and Odevaine families. Also included are files from contract work including the Nova Scotia-Newfoundland boundary dispute, the Crown Share Adjustment Panel, and the Campaign for Fairness relating to Canada-Nova Scotia 1986 Accord and Legislation. There are also research reports on the Home for Coloured Children and many reports prepared for Canada Post including: the Canso Causeway; the Silver Dart; William Hall, VC; Carrie Best, OC; the 100th anniversary of the first trans-Atlantic radio transmission by Guglielmo Marconi; Samuel Cunard and the delivery of trans-Atlantic mail; the Battle of the Plains of Abraham; William James Roue; Tall Ships 2000; and the Cabot Trail, among others. There are also files relating to his publications including: Johnny Bluenose at the polls: epic Nova Scotia election battles, 1758-1848; Lunenburg: then and now; Wolfville and Grand Pre: past and present; and Melville Prison and Deadman's Island: American and French Prisoners of War in Halifax, 1794-1816.

Cuthbertson, Brian, 1936-
Bridglal Pachai
2003-034 · Fonds · 1895-2010, predominately [194-]-2008

Fonds consists of correspondence, certificates, essays, papers, speeches, photographs, research and subject files, newspaper clippings, manuscripts of published books and articles, reports and other documentation from universities and associations with which Dr. Pachai was involved. The research files and photographs were used in his books, for consulting work and for speaking engagements as Executive Director of the NS Human Rights Commission and the Black Cultural Centre. Subjects include racism in schools and the workplace, multiculturalism, human rights, the history of African Nova Scotian individuals and institutions, and biographies of prominent members of the Black community up to 2005. Also includes articles on history of Malawi, an unpublished biography of Dr. William P. Oliver, and special event programs and newsletters from the Black Cultural Centre. The contents of the fonds document his academic career, private life, research interests and varied social and community involvements.

Pachai, Bridglal, 1927-
Buckley family
1985-386 · Fonds · 1889-1952

Consists of photographs of Guysborough and vicinity and Buckley family and friends, predominantly by William Buckley and his children, Mary, Edith and Walter. Their photographs of Guysborough and vicinity, taken for both personal and commercial purposes, document the growth and development of Guysborough over fifty years. They depict commercial and residential buildings, streets, harbour, general views, shipping, school activities, community events, fires, outdoor hockey and curling, yachting regattas at Guysborough and Canso, building and bridge construction, farms and livestock, mills, Guysborough Railway survey, 193rd Regiment leaving Guysborough, 1916 and visit of Governor-General Byng, 1923. Also includes negatives left by others for printing, such as school field day, 1932, by Mrs. Erdine Harris and Larry's River and Charlos Cove by Rev. A.H. Cormier. Buckley family photographs included informal portraits of them and their friends and reflect their interests, particularly boating, building working model boats, gardening, and other outdoor activities such as sledding and skating.

Buckley (family)
2017-036 · Collection · ca.1895

Collection consists of 5 photographs of buildings in the town of Pictou, Nova Scotia. 2 are of the ruins of Pictou Academy after a fire; 1 is of a fire at “Hotel Wallace” on Front Street; 1 is of a gentlemen’s club, and 1 is of an unknown building that may be the “round house”. Photographer is unknown.

C. Anthony Law
1994-254 · Fonds · 1944-1978

Fonds consists of night order logs for expeditions to Easter Island as well as maps, an article and a brief relating to the Canadian Arctic. The contents of the fonds document Commander Law's naval career. Also includes an oil painting by Law of a Halifax street scene in 1978.

Law, C. Anthony, 1916-1996
C. Bruce Fergusson
MG 1 volumes 1800-1915 · Fonds · 1840-1978, predominant 1947-1977

Fonds consists of records documenting Fergusson's career, including his activities as an archivist, his research and publications, teaching, and involvement with various professional and special interest organizations. Fonds contains research material including clippings, notes, typed transcripts and photocopies of documents, proof texts of his published books and rough copies of his articles and pamphlets, particularly dealing with Nova Scotia history, including the Acadians, Halifax, Lunenburg, Cape Breton, Confederation, and aboriginal affairs, and prominent persons. Also contains addresses given by Fergusson; incoming and outgoing correspondence concerning archives business and his publications; correspondence and other material relating to Fergusson's involvement with the Historic Sites and Monuments Board, Canadian Authors Association, and other organizations. Also contains a small number of original and copied documents and correspondence regarding the Fergusson family and its genealogy.

Fergusson, C. Bruce, 1911-1978
C.A. Webster
MG 1 volumes 2446, 2449 · Fonds · 1858-1942

Consists of ledgers and account books documenting Dr. Webster's medical practice in Yarmouth, N.S. and surrounding communities. Includes account book (1897-1901); record book of admittance for the Marine Hospital at Bunkers Island (1910-1942) which contain name of vessel, where from, name of seamen admitted, disease, dates of admission and discharge; and two journals (1909), kept while Webster was health officer for Yarmouth, describing small pox occurrences and patients and actions taken.

Also includes day books, ledgers and account books of his father Dr. John L.R. Webster, dating from 1858, whose practice he took over in 1887. Day books list the names of patients or head of households in Yarmouth and surrounding communities, treatments and prescriptions given, and charge for the visit. For some patients, their residence, occupation, and family information is also provided and illnesses such as diptheria, typhoid, and small pox are indicated.

Also includes scrapbook of invoices for medical supplies purchased by Dr. John L.R. Webster (1870-1882); memo book entitled 'Obstetrics memorandum' (1857-1891) which contains dates and names of women who delivered (after 1880, only the father's name included), the sex of the child, infant deaths, birth abnormalities, and positions; notebook kept while at Randalls Island Infant Hospital which also contains newspaper clippings concerning medical practice and profession; newspaper clippings, pamphlets, speeches, negatives, and other items pertaining to horse breeding, shows, and sales (1900-1937); and log book entitled 'U.S.A Hospital Department' concerning patients of the U.S. Army General Hospital at Camp Frederick, Maryland (1862).

Webster, C.A., 1864-1941
Camilla G. Goldie
MG 1 volumes 2857 and 3240 · Fonds · 1930-1987

Consists of correspondence, photocopies of clippings and certificates, research notes, and family charts documenting Camilla Goldie's genealogical research on Cumberland County families.

Goldie, Camilla G., 1916-1991
Campbell family
MG 1 volume 3509 · Fonds · 1843-1921

Consists of records documenting the activities of John Campbell, Samuel Cunard Campbell, and John Malcolm Campbell as lighthouse keepers on St. Paul Island and Sable Island. Includes superintendent's journals for the lighthouse and "humane establishment" on St. Paul Island, 1843-1859, 1874-1893, 1902-1920, and Sable Island, 1921. Also includes an inventory of property on St. Paul Island, 1905 (revised in 1916 after a fire which demolished the south lighthouse).

Campbell (family)
1999-020 and 2011-058 · Fonds · 1960-1995

Consists of correspondence, governance documents and subject files, as well as information about training and annual conferences, workshops and seminars. The contents of the fonds document the work of the association and reflect its goals and objectives.

Camping Association of Nova Scotia
Fonds · 1983

Fonds consists of written briefs and correspondence submitted by federal and provincial stakeholders and citizens, organized in numerical order by the Review Panel (1983); typed transcripts of 5 of the 11 public information sessions (May 9-14, 1983); typed transcripts of 4 of the 6 public hearings held in Sydney, New Glasgow, and Dartmouth (Sep 29-Oct 7, 1983); and terms of reference, list of information sessions, list of submissions, public notices with list of public hearings, and procedures document (1983).

Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Oil and Gas Board. Socio-Economic Review Panel
Fonds · 1937-1979

Fonds consists of of various minutes, newsletters, newspaper clippings, constitutions, reports. correspondence, financial statements, and memorandums.

Canadian Association of University Teachers
Fonds · 1815 - 1993

Consists of annual and executive meeting minutes for Halifax, Amherst, Cape Breton, and Yarmouth (1866-1985 with gaps), annual reports for Nova Scotia (1815-1830, 1914, 1960-1989), annual reports for Canada (1977-1989), financial statements and ledgers (1938-1976), draft constitutions and by-laws (1958-1969), newspaper clippings (1923-1981), membership lists (1971-1981), and some correspondence (1940-1986).

Also includes script and music for a play by William Baillie Hamilton in 1986; a draft and published booklet of A History of the Bible Society in Nova Scotia 1813-1963 by John Doull published in 1964; and 4 photographs of a parade float for the Halifax Natal Day Parade in 1979.

Also includes official publications including the Nova Scotia Sower newsletter (1988-1993 with gaps), the Quarterly Newsletter of the Canadian Bible Society (1961-1992), The Bible in the World magazine Canadian edition (1906-1909) and British edition (1905, 1959-1970), and the American Bible Society Record magazine (1969-1974).

Canadian Bible Society. Nova Scotia District
Fonds · 1962 - 1993

The fonds consists of five series: (A) Proceedings of Annual Conferences, 1968 - 1991; (B) Executive Committee Files, 1973 - 1991; (C) Correspondence, 1974 - 1989; (D) Financial Records, 1974 - 1993; and (E) Reports, 1962 - 1983. Each of the series has sub-series. The files in each sub-series are arranged chronologically.

Canadian Conference on Historical Resources
Fonds · 1949-1987

Fonds consists of minutes of the Council's annual general meetings (1949-1985); annual reports (1974-1985); minutes of executive meetings (1949-1986); correspondence (1968-1987); and financial records (1955-1987).

Canadian Council of the Blind. Maritime Division
MG 20 - vols. 1658, 1866-1867, 3097-3098, 3538-3541 / 1998-069, 1999-006, 2000-042, 2002-047, 2004-030, 2005-058, 2009-028. · Fonds · 1936-2006

Fonds consists of annual reports, governance documents, financial information, newsletters, notices, agendas, membership lists, and promotional materials. The contents of the fonds document the role that the Halifax Club of the Canadian Federation of University Women plays in the local community and the activities it conducts and supports in its efforts to fulfill its mandate.

Canadian Federation of University Women. Halifax Club
Fonds · 1853-1948, predominant 1924-1940

Fonds consists of tracings and original drawings of property surveys and plot plans for the town of Windsor NS and nearby communities showing gypsum quarries, rail lines and landowners’ plots (1853-1938 and undated); original topographical survey drawings of the Avon and St. Croix Rivers showing low and high tide marks for Windsor-Hantsport-Summerville area (1940-1944); and blueprints and copies on linen of technical plans for barge ships including the DANIEL M. MUNRO, and the MUMFORD, as well as technical plans for a ship’s marine engine from Johnson Iron Co. Ltd. of Yarmouth (1919-1942). Companies represented include Wentworth Gypsum Co., Newport Plaster Mining and Manufacturing Co., the Canadian Gypsum Co., and its parent the United States Gypsum Co.

Fonds also includes a 1922 map of the world showing trade routes between Canadian and Foreign ports published by the Canadian Department of the Interior (1922); black & white photographic copies of geology maps of Avondale, Hantsport, Miller Creek, St. Croix, Upper Falmouth, and Windsor (1948); and undated topographical maps of Windsor area quarries.

The material documents the mining management activities of Canadian Gypsum Company and its parent United States Gypsum Co. as they created topographical survey plans of their quarries and other assets for mining gypsum rock; studied water levels and ships’ drafts to calculate their loading capacities; and built or retrofitted ships to transport the rock to the United States and elsewhere.

Canadian Gypsum Company (Windsor, NS)
MG 20, vol. 1457-1496 · Fonds · 1947-1983, predominant 1958-1969

Fonds consists of scrapbooks, annual general meeting and executive committee meeting minutes, reports, financial records, constitution and by-laws, correspondence, articles and other publications created and accumulated by the Nova Scotia Division of the Canadian Mental Health Association. Fonds includes files relating to local branches in Nova Scotia, the National Office of the Canadian Mental Health Association, provincial divisions, and various mental health organizations and centres in Nova Scotia.

Canadian Mental Health Association. Nova Scotia Division

Fonds consists of records documenting the court's activities, including a minute book, correspondence, membership records, and financial records.

Canadian Order of Foresters. Gladstone Court, No. 745 (Pictou, N.S.)
MG 20 volumes 321-323 · Fonds · 1914-1985

Consists of records documenting the activities of the provincial and local branch offices of the Red Cross in Nova Scotia. Includes annual reports, minute books, notebooks, newsletters, policies, newspaper clippings, secretary and treasurer's books, financial records, correspondence, agreements, committee reports, membership lists, historical notes, photographs, albums, and slides. Images include relief operations during the First and Second World Wars, Halifax Harbour Explosion of 1917, fire at Parrsboro in 1969, the Springhill mine disaster, blood donor clinics, provincial branch presidents, staff, volunteers, social and fundraising events, and the journey of Swedish immigrants to Halifax on the Walnut in 1949. Red Cross branches represented in the fonds include Halifax, Musquodoboit Valley, Rockingham, Fairview, Annapolis Royal, Springhill, and Sydney. Also includes a film produced by the American Red Cross, and articles and printed material relating to the Canadian and International Red Cross, and Junior Red Cross.

Canadian Red Cross Society. Nova Scotia Division
MG 20 - Volumes 3078 and 3557. · Fonds · [ca. 1968]-1989

Fonds consists of directories, membership documents, minutes, correspondence, financial records, newsletters, promotional items, and reports. The contents of the fonds document the operations of the chapter in fulfilling its mandate.

Canadian Society of Safety Engineering. Nova Scotia (Bluenose) Chapter
Cape Breton's Magazine
1981-042 · Fonds · 1967-1998

Consists of audio cassettes and tape reels containing interviews, folklore, and music compiled by Ronald Caplan in the course of research for articles appearing in Cape Breton's Magazine. Most recordings are conversations with older citizens of Cape Breton, many of whom are now deceased. Under the general subject of Cape Breton history and culture, the topics include industrial history, trains and train wrecks, Mi'kmaq life, traditional songs, Sydney Steel, coal mining, musicians, community histories, Acadian culture, fisheries, labour history, supernatural tales, coal miners, hockey and other sports, shipwrecks, Gaelic traditions, reminiscences of immigrants, environmentalists, and the Canso Causeway.

Cape Breton's Magazine
Carl Bennett
2004-029 · Fonds · 1818, 1911-1918, predominantly 1916-1918

Fonds consists of Carl's letters written to his sister and parents in Halifax while serving overseas between 1916 and 1918. He wrote several times a month and the letters describe Carl's social and military activities in detail, both in France and in England. Included are stories about fellow officers and friends, social and recreational activities such as visits to concerts and the theatre, sports, motor trips, dining out, and card games. There are also descriptions of his war experiences such as learning to fly military aircraft and being exposed to shelling, anti-aircraft guns and bombs. In addition there is a letter to John Bennett (Carl's ancestor), from his brother in Aberdeen, Scotland, dated 19 March 1818. In it Bennett describes his dangerous transatlantic voyage in a small vessel. There is also a letter to Carl from Jessie Bell of London, a cousin, who provides family information and biographical information on Carl and the Bennett family.

Bennett, Carl Norwood, 1895-1918