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Armbrae Academy
MG 17 Series B · Fonds · 1891-1987

Fonds consists of records documenting the operation of the school from its inception to 1987, including the role of the home and school association. Includes house and attendance registers, record books, academic records, teachers' reports, courses of study, minutes, by-laws, correspondence, subject files, financial statements, ledgers, cashbooks, payroll record books, programmes, photographs, and scrapbooks.

Armbrae Academy
MG 1 volumes 277-311 · Fonds · 1874-1937

Fonds consists of records created and accumulated by Eaton in the course of his genealogical and historical research of Colchester, Halifax, Hants, and Kings counties, and New England. Includes notes, copies of articles, pamphlets, leaflets, draft manuscripts, chapter outlines, and bound volumes containing extracts of reports from the Society for the Progagation of the Gospel relating to early Nova Scotia. Fonds also contains personal correspondence; sermons; biographical material; auction catalogues; sheet music; and published and unpublished articles and poems, many of which were compiled in bound volumes together with correspondence, notices, reviews, and ephemera. There are also two volumes of personal letters from fellow poet and clergyman, Rev. Robert Norwood, as well as photograph portraits of Eaton and family members, reproductive prints of colonial administrators, royal dignitaries, coat of arms, and postcards depicting churches, buildings, and scenes of Nova Scotian cities and towns.

Eaton, Arthur Wentworth Hamilton, 1849-1937
A.S. MacMillan
microfilm 10893 · Fonds · 1890-1954

Fonds consists of memoirs written by MacMillan concerning the history of the MacMillan, Gunn, and Sinclair families as well as MacMillan's private and political life. Memoirs contain reminiscences of his childhood on the farm, his years in the United States, 1890-1901, and his political career from his first municipal office in 1902 to his appointment as premier of Nova Scotia in 1940, followed by the office of provincial treasurer. The memoirs provide personal insight and experience of events such as the United Mine Workers Strike and abolition of Legislative Council, as well as MacMillan's involvement with the Nova Scotia Power Commission and the development of rural telephone service and tourist industry in Nova Scotia.

MacMillan, A.S.
Fonds · 1896-1989

Records cover both the old and new golf courses and consist of minutes of board meetings (1896-1987) and annual general meetings (1900-1931); maps & plans of course and club house construction (1922-1982); administration records from Dr. Alex Gillis (1922, 1964-1982) and Ralph Pepper (1910-1970); membership lists (1924-1977); by-laws (1923-1970); newsletters (1945-1987); financial records (1915-1987); green fees (1922-1985). Also includes secretary's diary (1924-1925); manager's day book (1962-1975); scorecards for Ashburn and other Nova Scotia golf courses (1927-1974); annual reports (1924-1987); various golf magazines; club rules and regulations (1937); match and handicap committee records (1924-2000); Nova Scotia Golf Association records (1949-1986); Royal Canadian Golf Association of Toronto records (1924-1976); the Maritime Provinces Golf Association annual meeting minutes (1924-1929); and the Maritime Senior Golf Association records (1929, 1934). Also includes correspondence filed with meeting minutes, committee files and project-based files.

Ashburn Golf and Country Club (Halifax, NS)
Fonds · 1974 - 1983

Consists of correspondence (1975-1982), meeting minutes (1976-1981), constitution and aims & objectives (1976-1982), reports from president and committees (1976-1979), membership lists (1976-1981), association newsletter “Outdoors” (1979-1981), project files such as the Cape Breton Earthcare Project (1974-1979), financial statements (1976-1981), newspaper clippings (1970s), and correspondence and research on environmental legislation (1978-1981).

Also includes brochures on how to hike and cross-country ski (1970s), a report on Pictou County Coastal Zone Inventory (1970s) and an audio recording of the Association’s public service message on protecting nature used in their Wise Use Campaign during 1979 Nova Scotia Environment Awareness Week.

Association of Outdoor Nova Scotians
Fonds · 1972 - 1983

Consists of correspondence of the president (1975-1982) and newsletter editor (1975-1979); minutes of executive meetings (1977-1982); president’s annual report to members (1978-1982); the association newsletter (1974-1983); membership lists and roster (1976-1983); and programs, financial statements and reports from the Annual Conferences (1972-1983). Also includes photocopies of correspondence and meeting minutes of the Canadian Sociologists and Anthropologists Association (1980-1983).

Atlantic Association of Sociologists and Anthropologists
Atlantic Canada Institute
MG 20 volumes 3329-3337 · Fonds · 1971-1988

Fonds consists of general subject files, minutes, committee files, reports, financial records, correspondence and summer program files. The contents of the fonds document the work undertaken to support the mandate of the institute.

Atlantic Canada Institute
Atlantic Ecumenical Council
MG 20 volume 3107 · Fonds · 1971 - 1990

Fonds consists of 9 manuscripts from annual Atlantic Ecumenical Conferences (11th - 19th Conference), and miscellaneous papers including Constitution, information Sheet, Duties of Representatives, 1988 - 1990 Executive.

Atlantic Ecumenical Council
Atlantic Jewish Council
MG 20 volume 646 · Fonds · 1975-1983

Fonds consists of a constitution, accountant's comments and financial statements, papers of the Shaar Shalom Synagogue, newsletters and programmes.

Atlantic Jewish Council
1997-207 · Fonds · 1970-1997

Fonds consists of correspondence, minutes and agendas, notices, as well as conference documentation including minutes, financial statements, and feedback from attendees. The contents of the fonds provide evidence of the work of the organization in promoting spinning and handweaving in Nova Scotia.

Atlantic Spinners and Handweavers
Atlantic Sports Car Club
MG 20 volumes 3535-3548; 1991-286 · Fonds · 1956-1980

Fonds consists of calendars of events, handbooks, guides, competition rules, bulletins, Minutes of AGM and National Convention, Year books, by-laws, rules and regulations. Also consists of list of members, finances, correspondence, newsletters, history, photographs of racing cars, and race track.

Atlantic Sports Car Club
MG 20 volumes 3091-3094; 1989-008 · Fonds · 1981-1987

Document files accumulated by the immediate president of the A.W.P.A. from the records of various officers. The arrangement is by fiscal year, and by categories within each fiscal year (e.g. President, Annual General Meeting, etc.). The contents of each file are in chronological order, with the most recent item on top.

Atlantic Word Processing Association
Atlas Fisheries Ltd.
1997-252/003 · Fonds · 1955-1963

Consists of records documenting the company's activities, including correspondence of the secretary-treasurer, 1955-1963 relating to the Fisherman's Loan Board, licenses, crews, and marine equipment; financial statements, 1959-1962; and trip sheets detailing the number and variety of fish caught, 1956-1962.

Atlas Fisheries
Fonds · 1976

Fonds consists of a draft of the full final report including the briefs submitted (1976?); and the summary report submitted to the Attorney General with cover letter (May 1976).

Nova Scotia. Attorney General’s Advisory Committee on Legal Aid
Aylward family
MG 1 volumes 3536-3538 · Fonds · 1865-1992, predominant 1918-1971

Fonds consists of probate records, correspondence, indentures, agreements, journals, day books, account books, cash books, and subject files relating to Walter J. Aylward's activities as a farmer and public administrator in West Hants and Falmouth; and legal records relating to the estates of the following family members: Charles E. Akins, Thomas B. Akins, May Akins, T.B. Akins, Annie Aylward, Chatherin Aylward, Marguerite L. Aylward, Mary L. Aylward, Thomas Aylward I, Thomas Aylward II, and Walter Victor Aylward. Fonds also includes material relating to John V. Duncanson's geneaological research of the Aylward family. Other related families represented in his research are Boyd, Dermody, Duncanson, and Winn.

Aylward (family)
Aza Avramovitch
2001-036 · Fonds · 1939-1999

Fonds consists of records documenting Avramovitch's private life and architectural career. His personal papers include a few reminiscences of World War II, correspondence with friends and family, 1940s-1950s (written mostly in French, German, Italian and Serb), correspondence with Canadian government officials regarding his emigration to Canada, and various notes, drafts and typed booklets of poetry he produced from 1979-1995. The records relating to his architectural career are not business records as such but materials accumulated for personal reasons. They include academic papers written as a student, architectural drawings and plans from his early career in Europe and Montreal, and his Halifax firm, 1950s- 1980s. In addition there are reminiscences and notes about his career as an architect and files regarding some of his major projects in Halifax. Most of the latter contain photographs of buildings and sites, sketches, drawings and plans, architect's notes, clippings and similar material. Many files include handwritten explanatory and contextual notes inserted after his death by his widow, Francene Cosman Avramovitch.

Avramovitch, Aza, 1921-1999
Bailly family
MG 1 volume 105; MG 8 volume 3, 3A · Fonds · 1754-1827

Fonds consists of deeds and other items predominantly accumulated by Georges-Frederic Bailly and his son Joseph Bailly concerning property in Lunenburg, 1754-1824. Also includes deeds of property later acquired by the Bailly family and an account dated 1827, playing cards used to draw lots of land in Lunenburg, baptismal certificate, Georges-Frederick Bailly's certificate of naturalization, and two bound note books of his entitled, "Abrege de 16 discours, sur la redemption des hommes par la mort de Christ", 1780, which contains some notes on the Bailly family, and "Les degres de la vie spirituelle representes dan la vie interieure de Theodore de Brakel ministre de l'eglise de Makum en Frise [Holland]", 1775, written for his son Joseph.

Bailly (family)
Baird family
2014-034 · Fonds · 1883-1979

Fonds consists of photographs and correspondence to John “Jack” Baird from various family members including older brother Avard (1932-1973), younger brother Fred (1932-1973), sister Ethel (1932-1960), and sister-in-law Mae (MacKenzie) Baird (1930-1962) as well as his daughters (1964-1966), nieces and nephew (1958-1968); letters John sent to his mother Hannah (Stoddard) Baird while he was working in Ontario and Hannah’s letters to John (1932-1947); correspondence of Charles W. Baird to his wife Hannah (1918) and Charles’ financial account book on ships he captained (ca.1916 to 1922); John’s business correspondence regarding property and employment with Department of National Defence (1958-1969); and with lawyers (1958) and family members on settling the estates of Catherine Bigney and May (Baird) Pond (1955-1979) as well as researching Baird family history (1955-1957). Also includes John’s diaries and notebooks from his youth and young adulthood (1924-1942, 1973) and his car expense account book (1952-1967). Also includes an autograph book owned by Arabella Baird of Londonderry, NS (1883-1886), two family histories written by John’s daughter Jane (Baird) Barry, and lots of photographs of Baird and Bigney ancestors (ca.1860s-ca.1890s); John’s family and friends enjoying camping, fishing and boating at Panuke Lake, NS (ca.1917-1937); winter scenes of ice skating (1936-1937); and sailing ships, cars and homes owned by the Bairds (1927-1967). The records document a family’s life through the Great Depression of the 1930s and civilian life at home during the Second World War.

Baird family
MG 20 volume 383 (A) · Fonds · 1967-1971

Fonds consists of Board of Christian Education Correspondence, and Bayside Camp correspondence.

Baptist Board of Christian Education
MG 20 volumes 383 (B) and (C) · Fonds · 1965-1971

Fonds consists of committee and general correspondence, committee minutes, reports, and booklets.

Baptist Girls' Work Committee
Barbara Grantmyre
MG 1 volumes 1052, 2474-2478 · Fonds · 1923-1977

Fonds consists of material documenting Grantmyre's career as a writer and her personal life. Fonds includes correspondence, notebooks, newspaper clippings, research notes, drafts of plays, novels, and stories, galley proofs for her books, and scrapbooks pertaining to her books, Long Hard Look and The River That Missed the Boat, and the Media Club and Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia. Also includes photographs of Grantmyre, scenes of the Shubenacadie River used in her book the River that Missed the Boat, and audio recordings of her stories featured on CBC radio.

Grantmyre, Barbara, 1908-1977
Barbara Keddy
1983-017 · Fonds · 1982-1992

Fonds consists of oral history interviews conducted by Keddy in the course of her research. Recordings contain interviews with over eighty women and cover topics including the social history of nursing in Nova Scotia in the 1930s, the lives of working women in the 1920s and 1930s, retired nurse leaders, and experiences of Black women in the nursing profession. The interviews have served as research data for papers and articles written and/or published by Keddy.

Keddy, Barbara, 1938-
Barnstead's Drug Store
MG 3 volumes 1741-1793 · Fonds · 1910-[ca. 1955]

Fonds consists of the contents of a prescription book which documents the period of the Halifax Explosion as well as the Spanish flu epidemic, price lists, correspondence and examples of the recipes and formularies used to create the medications. The contents of the fonds document the business operations of this Halifax drug store.

Barnstead's Drug Store
Barry, Hicks family
MG 1 volumes 90E and 1920 · Fonds · 1786-1876, predominant 1852-1876

Fonds consists of correspondence among Barry and Hicks family members, describing family news and health, business matters, and events in Liverpool, N.S. The fonds contains primarily letters written to Francenia (Hicks) Hamilton from her sister-in-law, Mathilda Hicks, her mother, Margaret Hicks, and husband David Porter Hamilton. Other family members represented in the fonds include John Hicks, Walter M. Hicks, Mary Ellen (Hicks) Doughty, John Thomas Hicks, Robert Barry, Samuel J.W. Barry, William H. Barry, Thomas S. Barry, Charlotte (Barry) Mack, and W.E.C. Barry.

Barry-Hicks (family)
Bayer family
MG 1 volume 2759 · Fonds · 1793-1913

Fonds consists of records documenting the Bayer family's business activities and interests in Horton, N.S. Fonds contains correspondence, deeds, accounts, and bonds, primarily relating to Edward Bayer and the sale of property in Horton. Also includes warrants of survey for George Bayer; a map showing land grants to the 82nd Regiment at Pictou and Merigomish; and material relating to the Olding, Collard, and Lowden families, Reverend William Black and J. Sherman Dennison of Horton, and the Capt. Dennison Company.

Bayer (family)