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Lawyers' fees earned and received registers

  • Series
  • 1942-1960

lawyers' fees registers that provide case number, action taken in case, the charge for such action, and a column for taxable and non-taxable fees. Registers are arranged by name of attorney.

Marriage bonds

  • Series
  • Microfilmed 1984

bonds attesting to the absence of legal impediments to a marriage. Bonds dating from 1763-1864 and 1870-1871, record the name, place of residence, marital status, and the occupation of the groom. Separate forms were used for adherents of the established church (Church of England) and for other Protestants or Dissenters. Those for Dissenters include the name and religious affiliation of the minister, while those for the Church of England include only the parish name. If the parties involved were under the age of majority or in the military, letters of permission are attached to the bond. The existence of a bond is not proof that the marriage actually occurred as the bond was furnished in application for a marriage licence and not as a record of marriage. The bonds are arranged chronologically. The Nova Scotia Government was involved in regulating the process followed for the solemnization of marriage from the beginning of British rule in the colony (1763). Through the provision of marriage licences, government provided an alternative process of marriage to the reading of banns in church. The Nova Scotia Provincial Secretary's Office was responsible for the issuing of licences under the Governor's seal and signature. In practice, licences were provided in bulk to local officials to issue upon receipt of the appropriate bond or application.

Marriage licence files

  • Series
  • Microfilmed 1981-1982

records relating to marriages recorded by the Province. For each recorded marriage there is a document envelope containing the bond, licence (after 1863), and after 1866 a "marriage form" listing the names, ages, birthplaces, places of residence, and marital status for both bride and groom, their parents' names and occupations, the groom's occupation, and the date, place, religion, and names of the celebrant and witnesses for each marriage. Only the "marriage form" gives information concerning the age, birthplace, and parents of those married. The series is arranged chronologically by county with the date of most recent documents transferred to the Archives varying, by county, between 1908 and 1918.

Memorials and petitions

  • Accession 1990-205\001 (part)
  • Series

drafts and final printed versions of memorials, petitions, and circular letters written to promote the interests of the school and for the hearing-impaired community.

Returns of births registered

  • Series
  • Microfilmed 1983

quarterly returns of birth registrations made by local registrars and forwarded to the federal statistics office in Halifax N.S. For each birth the registration information includes the name of the person born, the date and place of birth, the mother's maiden name, the father's name, residence and occupation, when and where the parents were married, the date and birth was registered and who provided the information. The returns are in alphabetical order by name of registration district.