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Archival description
Treasury Papers
Fonds · 1758-1964

Fonds consists of records reflecting the early financial history of Nova Scotia, offering an excellent example of early government transactions and activities in the province. These records reflect important investment and development decisions made by the provincial government, demonstrating those areas that were deemed most in need of public funds or those that brought in the most revenue, including shipping and lighthouses, emigration and immigration, the importation of goods, manufacturing, taxation and public works.

This fonds is an excellent tool for exploring the establishment of government presence in Nova Scotia, how government functioned, and the relationships the provincial government had with communities, businesses and manufacturers, the federal government and with Imperial powers.

Records primarily take the form of correspondence, receipts, log books, warrants, certificates and other documents of official expenditures and revenue. Fonds consists of 20 series:
• General Accounts
• Collector of Colonial Duties
• Consular Fees
• Impost and Excise
• Light Duties
• Light House Papers
• Provincial Debt and Currency
• Roads and Bridges
• Sundry Accounts
• Warrants
• Bounties
• Provincial Cashier
• Miscellaneous
• Board of Revenue: Correspondence and Minutes
• Financial Secretary correspondence
• Provincial Secretary correspondence
• Provincial Treasurer
• Receiver-General correspondence
• Miscellaneous Correspondence
• Public Works and Services

Nova Scotia. Provincial Treasurer.